Goat Society NFT {Nov 2021} Read Its Various Tiers!

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In this post, we have discussed Goat Society, how it works, their new Goat Society NFT collection, and summoning goats.

Do you love to play online crypto games? Are you looking for genuine online crypto games and NFT collections? If yes, hook on to this article.

The Goat Society has a new Non Fungible Token collection, and people throughout the world, especially in Australia, United Kingdom, United States, Canada want to learn about the collection. So, we will discuss Goat Society NFT in this post.

About Goat Society 

The Goat Society is a collection of 10,000 distinct NFTs created to bring together various groups and admirers of the world’s finest goats.

There are 9,000 generated goats and 1,000 goats drawn by hand in the collection. On the Ethereum network, each goat is represented by erc 721 tokens.

Each goat comes with a subscription to the herd and their exclusive group of investors who come from all walks of life. Members of the Herd will get access to key events such as sporting events, the Academy Awards, musical performances, seminars, shows and concerts.

About Goat Society NFT

There are three tiers in the NFT collection of the Goat Society. Here, we have listed the details about the three-tier NFT:

Tier 1 – Custom Goats

Goats that have been created specifically for you. During the auction, 9,000 custom-created goats will be sold, each with nine distinct characteristics: gender, backdrop, eyes, shirt, horns, mouth, hat, earring, and coat. 

There are almost a billion different combinations that may be made. These customized goats also have different fur colors like golden, grey, dark, and light hues of human skin and many other colors.

Tier 2 – Rare or Unique Goats

During the Goat Society NFT auction, 700 such rare and unique goats will be minted. Only on a solid backdrop, each uncommon goat will have one of Goat society’s artist’s distinct and unique handmade hand-drawn images. 

Tier 3 – Legendary or Iconic goats

During the auction, only 300 legendary or iconic goats will be minted. Only on a fully original backdrop, the desired iconic goats will showcase one of three unique handmade or hand-painted images. 

In addition to that, the owners of the sought iconic goats will be entitled to receive a print trading card from the Goat Society.

Now that we know about the Goat Society NFT let us learn about how to summon goats.

About Goat Summoning 

Bleat must gather extraordinary quantities of energy in order to assist the passage of new champions from Earth via the rift. Unfortunately, collecting the spiritual energy of his people is the most efficient way to gather this energy.

Investors will also have the ability to surrender three custom-created goats in exchange for summoning rare or iconic goats within a limited period of time. 


The NFT collection of the Goat Society is massive and diverse. We are sure that people will love their massive collection. Visit the Goat Society website  to know more.

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