Global Regents Enduring Issues Essay {June} How To Write

This article provides information on the Global Regents Enduring Issues Essay. Kindly visit the full post to learn about enduring issues.

Do you know about the global regents’ exam? Do you know about enduring issues? If you are one of the aspirants of the Global regents’ examination, then you may find this article helpful. The global geography and history examinations are on 17 June 2022. Students from the United States who will be appearing in the exam on Friday are searching for enduring essays.

So here you will know about Global Regents Enduring Issues Essay.

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What are Enduring issues?

Enduring issues can be understood as the topics that are debated in the context of anthropology, history, and social studies. Students who are a part of global history and geography must know this topic while giving the global regents exam. Several communities tried to solve and deal with the enduring issues, but only a few of them got success. The result of their trial is documented in the archives of history.

Students appearing in this examination must read this full article to know everything about enduring issues.

Enduring Issues Essay Examples

Enduring issues can be observed anywhere around the globe. An event is considered significant historically if it has affected many people and has long-term effects. In order to prove that an event is important historically and one must ignore it, students need to explain and elaborate on how these issues have impacted various societies and have caused long-term consequences.

Understanding the concept of Enduring issues will be more clear after going through the following examples.

  1. Cooperation
  2. Conflict
  3. Scarcity
  4. Power
  5. Environmental impact
  6. Inequality
  7. Ideas and beliefs
  8. Innovations
  9. Interconnectedness

Each topic must include important points like lack of food, ethnic disputes, threats to privacy, domestic violence, etc.

How to Write Enduring Issues Essay?

Writing an essay on enduring issues must begin with building a thesis statement. In the thesis statement, you have to illustrate the arguments and plot examples that will help you defend the view. The thesis statement must not be too long. The formula of the thesis is Thesis = Claim + Examples. 

You can write an enduring issue in the following way:

  • Introduction
  • Reiterate questions
  • List common issues
  • An important issue as per you
  • Define the issue
  • Indicate the document it manifests 
  • Body Sections
  • Part 1: Explain how the issue has affected the people with Enduring Issues Examples.
  • Example 1
  • Example 2
  • Example 3
  • Example 4
  • Part 2: Describe how the issue has been molded and what shape it acquired today.
  • Conclusion
  • Illustrate counterclaim
  • Reiterate claim


The global regents’ exam is near. The most searched topic of this exam is enduring issues order essay paper. We have explained the enduring issue in this article. This post will help you in plotting examples and writing about the topic. The debate would become easier after reading this post. Please visit this article to learn more about the global regents’ exam.

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