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Do you want to know about Gladys Ricart? Are you interested to know about her death? If so, read the article till the end. The video of the Gladys Ricart incident has become viral across the United States, and people are discussing the incident.

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What is in the Video?

Gladys Ricart’s video reminded me of a terrific day on September 26, 1999. On this day, Gladys was shot three times while performing the flower distribution ceremony. As per some sources, the person who shot her was her ex-boyfriend. His name was Augustin Garcia. Gladys broke up with him, and he killed her. As per the reports, he was arrested after he shot Gladys. The video has become Viral On Reddit, and people remember the incident.

Why Was She Killed?


Why Was She Killed

People are searching for the video to find out the clues regarding the death of Gladys. According to some sources, Gladys broke up with Augustin a few months before marriage. Therefore, he came to take revenge. But, it has been reported that the reason for their breakup was that Augustin had affairs with other girls. He did not listen to her even after getting a warning. The video became viral on many social media platforms. 

Viral on Tiktok

Gladys’s video also became viral on Tiktok, among other platforms. Thousands of people have watched the video. The video reminded them of the incident. Many of them have become surprised to see the video. Since the video became viral on this platform rapidly, Gladys’ video has also reached millions. 

The people are also discussing the punishment of Augustin. It has been found that the jury announced him a life sentence. Instagram is also flooded with the clip of the video.

Who Was Gladys Ricart?

Gladys Ricart was born on July 20, 1960, in New Jersey. She was Christian by religion and belonged to the white race. Her height was 5 ft 6 inches. The name of her fiancé is James Preston. She was a kind and beautiful person. She never hurt people. Her death shook the people, and they criticized the killer. At the time of her death, Gladys was 39 years old. The video of her murder is also available on Youtube. People are watching the video. The link to the video has also spread across various platforms. 

After the investigation, it was revealed that the killer was cold-blooded. It happened in her living room when she distributed flowers to the bridesmaid. She was so excited on her wedding day when the unfortunate incident took place. People were surprised by the incident. The link to the video was also spread on Telegram.

After the incident, Augustin was detained readily and sent to custody. The whole incident shook the entire country. Augustin was in his late forties at that time. He was standing in front of the door. Her family members also let him in. The man was Augustin, who shot her three times. The family members allowed him to enter without giving him much thought. The people are also discussing the incident on Twitter.


Gladys’s video has circulated across many social media platforms. Such an unfortunate incident shook everyone. To know more, please visit the link 

Gladys Ricart glimpses her ex, Agustin Garcia, a split second before he shot her 3x with a 38 and killed her on her wedding day to James Preston Jr in 1999
byu/pchandler45 inlastimages

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Gladys Ricart Graphic Video-FAQs

Q1. Who did kill Gladys?


Q2. How old was Gladys at the time of her death?

39 years.

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