Girl Jumps In Mississippi River: Was It Suicide? Know How Arlana Miller Body Found In Mississippi River!

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The article says more information about the girl named Arlana and what happened to her and gathers the details of Girl Jumps In Mississippi River.

Who is Arlana Miller? What happened to her? Is this an unexpected incident or suicide attempt? Many questions are raised in the minds of many people? Did you search to find the details about her? While surfing, did you go through the article below, which says her entire details?

People in the United States showed their condolences towards her death, and she was a cheerleader. A few more details regarding the Girl Jumps In Mississippi River are provided below.

What happened to Arlana?

She wrote a few things before the saddest part happened in her life. The note says that she struggles a lot during her teenage years. She fought for her life to live in peace. She is thankful for the people who were with her all the time. She also mentioned that the people around her thought she led a happy life, but it was not good. She thanked her mother and mentioned she was going to take a rest. She wrote many suicide notes, which is the last one that reached her end. The reason for her death is unknown, and it is not yet revealed till date. 

Arlana Miller Body Found In Mississippi River

Arlana Janell Miller passed away on May 4, 2022, by suicide in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where she was affiliated with Southern University and A&M College. Cheerleader Arlana Janell, who struggled with some health issues for a long time, drowned at the Mississippi River after a long journey. During her time at Southern University, Arlana was a cheerleader. She was a native of Texas. The classmates, family, teammates, and all who know and like her are extended our deepest sympathy and prayers.” She wrote a letter about the saddest parts of her life and is no more now, and the reason for her death is still unknown.

Mississippi River Suicide

An Instagram post by Arlana said goodbye to her followers. She expressed her gratitude for the people in her life, and her depression is also mentioned. Arlana committed suicide last night after being missing for quite some time. Please accept our deepest condolences. Her friends, colleagues, and other loved ones shared social media posts announcing her passing. Earlier this month, Ariana Janell Miller posted a statement on her Instagram that appeared to be a suicide note.

Adding a few more details about her death

After the public knew that the Girl Jumps In Mississippi River, the corps found a note of her where she mentioned that “she is dead inside already, and people close to her need not worry that they are not reason and no need to be guilty. Everything is over, and wish everyone should find peace.”


As per the investigation, it is got to know that the Arlana, who is 15 years old found in the river named Mississippi. Corps are looking more to find the reasons for her death but have not yet found them. 

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