Gina Livy Reviews {Aug} Is This A Legitimate Website?

Do you want a personal coach to maintain your weight? Read every point of shopper’s Gina Livy Reviews. 

Are you suffering from obesity and searching for the best dietician? Nowadays, people are inquisitive to know about diet, workouts and many other ways to lose weight in almost all countries, including Canada

There are so many portals ready to help us prepare a diet chart, offering the points that can help you to reduce your overweight. So here Gina Livy is helping those types of people who want to reduce weight. Let’s see the shopper’s Gina Livy Reviews if you want to lose weight.

What is Gina Livy?

Gina Livy aims to help those suffering from fat, and it had an experience of 25+ years in this journey of weight loss programs. She is helping people all over the world, including in CanadaSo here we have a website with the name weight loss.

Every person wants to look fit and healthy, so maximum people want to do some easy steps to follow to lose weight, so keep in mind those public and Gina Livy offers some steps to follow:

  • First, you have to address the need of the body. Why is the body feeling the need to store fat?
  • To have to help the body to focus on fat loss primarily.
  • Next, you must create your surroundings according to your body’s requirements.

Before planning to buy the package of Gina Livy, you have to make sure about:

Is Gina Livy Legit or a scam?

Specifications About Gina Livy

  • You can check all the points on the URL of the website
  • You can also explore the office, i.e., 14 King Street East, Toronto, ON, Ontario. 
  • You can ask any query on the given email support, i.e.,
  • We have no contact number, so by-call communication is challenging.
  • The website holds a page on social networking sites, and many activities exist.
  • It provides different live methods and some group programs for its users.
  • She claims that she has 25+ years of experience in this field.
  • Some people shared their Gina Livy Reviews on social networking sites.
  • It is also providing personal coaching programs.
  • The website is not securing any policy details.
  • The payment method is alos hidden on the website.
  • The website is fully secured as having the certificates by HTTPs protocols and SSL integration.
  • It is not offering a lifetime membership.
  • Currently, some offers are extended on the portal.


  • First, you can connect with customer care and the owner directly and start your weight loss journey.
  • You can read shopper’s Gina Livy Reviews on the internet.


  • It has hidden policy points.
  • It has a hidden payment mode and buying process.
  • It requires your details first before knowing what a planned amount is.
  • No real shopper’s feedback exists on the trust pilot.

So you have to go through the URL of the podium and also check mentioned specifications carefully as we noticed that the website name is different from the URL, i.e., weight loss. So let us have a look at the website’s reality.

Is Gina Livy Legit or a scam?

  • GinaLivy is an old website, i.e., 12/02/2016 is the domain creation date.
  • GinaLivy will be winded up on 12/02/2025.
  • GinaLivy is securing 76 percent of trust index.
  • GinaLivy is the company owner, and she is sharing her experience with people and aim to help those who want to reduce their weight.
  • The website holds less information as we found the company location on the other website, which seems unrealistic.
  • It is active on social networking websites, and people share their mindsets there so that you can check it.
  • The owners’ details were also missing.
  • The SEO score of the website is 57 out of 100.

User’s Gina Livy Reviews

We have searched everywhere on the internet to collect some experienced users’ point of view; then we found some feedbacks on the social networking and on some other website. People wrote good things about the site. On-portal feedback was also there. Please make sure your mind and know how to protect money from any fraud by paypal.

Conclusion On The Topic

Finally, we can say Gina Livy has a weight loss plan is an old website, few shopper’s Gina Livy Reviews, unrealistic office address, no policy details available on the main page so be careful and do thriving research before buying and membership. We can’t comment on the legitimacy of this site. You have to check how to save money from credit card scams.

Have you ever tried it? Mention your experience in the chat lines if you have one from the Gina Livy website.

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