Giant Pool Volleyball Reviews [June] See if it is Legit!

Giant Pool Volleyball Reviews [June] See if it is Legit! >> Are you looking for a pool toy that can allow you to enjoy multiple sports at the same time? Then, read the content for the details.

Do you love to play volleyball? What if you got a chance to play in a pool during the summers? Well, it would be great fun. So, to introduce you to the inflatable pool toy, we are here with today’s content. 

Water sports are liked by all of us, and we enjoy playing with pool toys that relax our mind and body.

People in the United States look for pool toys in different online stores as it often grab their attention. That’s why Giant Pool Volleyball Reviews are commonly searched on the web these days.

What is Giant Pool Volleyball?

The Swimline Company specializes in selling liners, inflatable and covers, has presented an amazing pool toy named Giant Shootball. The toy contains a basketball game and volleyball net. The multiple ports allow various players to enjoy the sports.

It is a Giant toy, with a height of 45 inches and a diameter of 36 inches. The outer portion of the pool toy is made with vinyl which increases its durability.

The company is famous for offering pool toys of good material that can meet the customer’s need, and for knowing if this product is successful in satisfying the buyers, we would have to glance over Giant Pool Volleyball Reviews.

Specifications of Giant Pool Volleyball

  • Type of product- an inflatable pool toy
  • Dimensions – 36 x 45 inches
  • Color – Orange
  • Items included – a ball and net
  • Brand – Swimline
  • Manufacturer part number – 90285+ 9186
  • Cost -$ 72.99

Pros of Giant Pool Volleyball

  • The multiple ports are available in giant shoot ball. 
  • The product is made with a heavy gauge to increase its durability.
  • On purchasing, you will be given a volleyball net too.
  • The brand of the product is quite popular among the people.
  • The product is socially active.

Cons of Giant Pool Volleyball

  • Giant Pool Volleyball Reviews are not available.
  • The pool toy is not suitable for kids under the age of 3.

If you are curious to know how to use this pool toy, so get better visualization by watching the YouTube Video.

Is Giant Pool Volleyball Legit?

Well, before purchasing this pool toy, you must have a quick view over its checkpoints that decide whether your purchase will be profitable or not. Let’s have a look over it.

  • The Swimline brand launched Giant Pool Volleyball in 2020 to add some fun in the summers. 
  • The product is available on popular and trustworthy platforms like Walmart and Ebay.
  • A long time has passed, but Giant Pool Volleyball Reviews are still not shared by any buyer.
  • No ratings and stars are given to the product.
  • The cost price is genuine.
  • The product is available on the Facebook page of Swimline, but only a few people have liked it.
  • The pool toy has many advantageous features whose details are well-explained.
  • The Giant Shootball comes with a warranty of one year, which is a positive sign.

Glancing at all points; we can say that a popular and trusted brand has offered the pool toy. It has many positive signs too, but the absence of reviews is raising suspicion in our minds.

What are Giant Pool Volleyball Reviews? 

During the research, we couldn’t find any feedback shared by the people online. Moreover, the post available on Facebook has got only a few likes.

Despite the pool toy’s amazing features that allow us to play multiple sports, people have not purchased it. 

The absence of customer’s opinions over the pool toy is making the product suspicious.


Swimline brings a collection of many swimming toys for you, out of which we had shared all the necessary details of Giant Shootball. You will be provided with a net for your volleyball and a basketball so you can enjoy both the sports in a single investment. 

Looking at the legitimacy, the pool toy has many positive features but has not received Giant Pool Volleyball Reviews

We suggest you wait for some positive comments. However, you can look and discover some other pool toys of the Swimline too.

Are you curious to learn how the authenticity of the product is analyzed? Do check out the below-mentioned link.

What pool toys you often use for fun? Comment and share some words about it.

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