Genshin Impact Global Launch Reward {Sep 2021} Read!

In this article, we discussed the Genshin Impact Global Launch Reward and when the game was launched.

Are you looking for a global launch of your online favourite game? Or are you searching for rewards and extra points you can claim to boost your gameplay experience? If that’s the case, this article will update you on game rewards and launches?

Genshin Impact is a famous free to play fantasy game popular Worldwide for its action role gameplay and anime style. The fans and game enthusiasts of the game are always looking for rewards to enhance their gameplay. So, in this post, we will discuss the Genshin Impact Global Launch Reward and how to get it.

What is Genshin Impact?

Genshin Impact is a fantasy action game, which is free to play. RPG created the game, and MiHoYo published it. The game requires an internet connection and has a limited multiplayer option that allows up to four players per globe.

The game has a fantasy open-world setting with an action-based fighting system based on element magic, persona switching, and a gacha monetizing system allowing players to acquire additional characters, equipment, and other resources. Let’s know about the game’s global launch before knowing more about the Genshin Impact Global Launch Reward.

When was Genshin Impact launched Globally?

On September 28 2020, Genshin Impact made its global launch globally for PC, iOS, Android, and PlayStation 4, with two primary regions available for gamers to explore. The Nation of Freedom in Mondstadt, and the Nation of Contracts located in Liyue, are these two areas.

A one-timer beginner’s flag, the area of Mondstadt, the unlocking of Monument of the Sevens, and many more in-game elements were included with the launch. MiHoYo also published a trailer at the event, highlighting the story’s development and potential future locations. Before learning about Genshin Impact Global Launch Reward, let’s check the game’s popularity after launch.

About the Popularity of Genshin Impact?

Since its release in 2020, after more than three years of development, Genshin Impact has become a global sensation. Within merely two weeks of its global release, the game made a revenue of $100 million. Thus, the game had made enough money in two weeks to cover three years’ entire production and marketing. 

The game was so popular that after its PlayStation 4 launch in September 2020, a PlayStation 5 version was released in November 2020. Following that, a second pc version was launched in Epic Games in June 2021. Soon, a Nintendo Switch version will be available for players.

About Genshin Impact Global Launch Reward

When the game was released in September 2020, Ginshin Impact rewarded all the players or travelers eagerly awaiting the game’s release with 1,600 Primogems. They also provided 20 Acquaint Fate, a wish resource that can be utilized to get characters and armaments for pre-registration.

September 28, 2021, marks the first anniversary of Genshin Impact, so many fans are anticipating anniversary launch rewards, notification regarding which is yet to come.


Genshin Impact has gained a lot of popularity and fan following in one year. MoHiYo might release rewards for its players during the Anniversary event on September 28, 2021. Visit Genshin Impact website  to know more. 

Are you looking forward to the Genshin Impact Global Launch Reward? If so, comment on what new rewards you think will be released.

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