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Gempose Reviews (Jan 2022) Is The Online Store Legit?

Gempose Online Website Reviews
The article on Gempose Reviews shares the necessary details about the e-commerce portals, its pros, cons and other features. So, scroll down and read more.

Do you want to do the wall decoration with a unique style? Are you looking for print posters and canvas to optimize your living room? Gempose is here with unique collections of wall posters and canvas that can make your living room outstanding.

The citizens of the United States have already heard of this e-commerce store and are curious to gain more details about it. We request our readers to go through the content till the end to grab reliable information on Gempose Reviews. 

About Gempose

Gempose, a new online portal, offers a wide range of collections for wall décor. The Company ensures providing top-quality canvas and posters for living room decorations. Besides, Gempose also offers print-on-demand Posters, Phone cases, T-shirts, Canvas painting, and more. 

The Company maintains its workshop in Vietnam and aims to produce the best quality products to meet the requirements of the customers. The Company ensures not to compromise with the quality and always tries to design products that can fit the latest trends in the market. Well, buyers need to check the reviews to know Is Gempose Legit or it is another scam.

Website Specifications

  • Website url- registration date- 27-10-2020
  • Domain expiration date- 27-10-2022
  • Company deals in- Print on demand Posters, canvas, T-shirts, women’s dresses, mugs, phone cases, etc.
  • Email address- [email protected]
  • The official address is 16919W 63rd, Lane Arvada, CO 80403, US.
  • Phone number- Buyers will hardly find a phone number to contact the Company.
  • Official hours- The office remains open Monday to Friday between 8 AM to 5 PM. 
  • Social media profile- The Company does not maintain any social media profile to check authentic Gempose Reviews.
  • Domestic shipping- It takes 15-20 business days with DHL e-commerce and 7 to 14 business days with US Fast shipping. 
  • Handling Time Frame- A chart is available on the shipping policy’s page. 
  • International Shipping- It takes 15-30 business days to deliver the order.
  • Return policy- Customers can return products within 14 days from the receipt of the order.
  • Return shipping cost- Buyers need to bear the return shipping cost. 
  • Order cancellation- Customers can cancel their order within 12 hours of placing the order. 
  • Refund Policy- As per Gempose Reviews, the Company offers a five days refund policy only the return gets confirmed. 
  • Payment modes- VISA, MasterCard, AMEX and PayPal.

Benefits of Gempose

  • It comes with unique collections of printed canvas, posters, T-shirts, mugs, Phone covers, Women’s dresses. 
  • The website is SSL secured. Hence online transactions seem safe with this portal. 
  • The Company ensures maintaining high-quality for all products. 
  • Buyers can find detailed shipping policies.
  • The Company ensures safeguarding personal information. 

Limitations of Gempose

  • The trust score is not trustworthy.
  • The site is not linked to social media platforms.
  • No authentic reviews are available online. 

What do you think Is Gempose Legit or not?

Online dealers should not ignore checking the legitimacy of any e-commerce store before buying any product. For Gempose, we have come across the following information. 

  • The domain got created on 27-10-2020, and the domain age is less than a year. 
  • The trust score index is only 21%
  • Alexa ranking is 3036406
  • The website contains broken links.
  • The portal contains almost 50% duplicate content. 
  • Buyers will not find the owner’s details. 
  • Separate pages for all policies are maintained. 
  • Gempose is not linked to any social media platform. Hence we don’t find any authentic reviews of the Company, and it denotes that the portal is suspicious. 

Gempose Reviews

Before you opt for online shopping, it is necessary to check the legitimacy of the online portal. Gempose is new in the market, and no doubt it offers a wide range of print on demand posters, canvas and more attractive items. But, the website does not have any social media handles, and buyers will hardly find the feedback of previous customers. 

We have also researched online, but we don’t find any reliable reviews of this online store on any recognized portal. Hence, we suggest buyers check the ways to Get Your Money Back From Paypal if Scammed

Final Thought

The collections of Gempose will undoubtedly attract customers worldwide, but due to the absence of authentic Gempose Reviewswe suggest all research more before buying. Again, we wish our readers to go through How to Get a Full Refund on Credit Card Scam to stay safe from online fraud.

Have you placed an order with Gempose? Please share your comment below. 


  1. I placed an order October 18. Nothing. I reached out Oct 28 through email. Nothing. It seems I’ve lost $75. I reached out November 1 through email. Waiting. There is no phone to call. Only an email which they do not respond. I do a lot of online shopping. I should have paid by paypal this time, as well but I didn’t. This is ridiculous

  2. I ordered a NY Ranger jersey and sent a email asking if they have a estimated ship date because they charge extra for fast shipping. Have not received a response…Placed the order over 2 weeks ago and thought they would send some type of time frame…Charged my card immediately but no response back.

      1. I order 2 different items on November 24 2021 received a tracking number for one but not the other and all it says is a shipping label has been created I even paid extra for the fast shipping with insurance here it is Dec 16th and still nothing

  3. What are the two piece set hoodie with leggings only the hoodie came and it look nothing like the picture. Do not order from these people they are a scam

      1. My son ordered a Jersey and had it customized with his last name and favorite # on the back. We did receive the Jersey but it was not customized. I emailed them letting them know they did not send the correct order, the size isn’t right, and that I would like a refund. I have not heard from them at all. It’s been 3 weeks so I sent another email letting them know I emailed them about a return and haven’t heard back from them. 2 weeks have passed and they still have not responded. I really wished I had looked into this company better. I would have never ordered. #upsetmomdisappointedson

        1. Hello Michelle Mizar, we feel sad, as buyers have dropped the same issue, and they are not caught still now. Proper action must be taken to get justice. Buyers stay aware and alert. Keep updating here. Thanks & regards. Take care.

  4. My 83 year old mom ordered 3 UGA bomber jackets , however, when the jackets arrived it wasn’t what we thought and when we asked for an exchange and NOT a refund, we were finally offered to do so with the option to just pay the shipping and handling. However, this company scammed us because the discount code they kept giving us didn’t work and when they finally provided a discount that did work we realized that the offer that we only had to pay for shipping was not the case. The discount was for only $30 . The regrets that I have with this purchase was choosing this company and NOT using PAYPAL. If I had used PAYPAL I would not be here writing this review. I will continue to let others know about this company. And by the way the quality and style of the jackets was poor. The color quality was poor, the jackets were more orange and black instead of the red and black UGA color and the the style was not impressive. I purchased my other bomber jackets from Kikimart and some of the other company and I was very pleased with those bomber jackets which was of better quality and style. I don’t care what the company response come back as because it doesn’t matter. Especially since customer service recovery was not accomplished which I doubt if they know what that entails.

    1. Hi carol a williams, thank you for sharing what you have experienced. Scam companies don’t have heart and they try all the ways to loot the innocent people. This is really pathetic. Stay safe.

      1. Hello Faith Sharrock, What exactly happened? Did you receive the order? Because few people mentioned about improper order. If you want refund , please check with payment company. They will help you. The scammers are just to grab money from the buyers. Please let us know which option worked. Thanks.

  5. DO NOT ORDER FROM GEMPOSE whatever you do……. it’s a rip off company who’s not willing to work with the customer and the products are cheap looking and poor quality for the same or higher price as the real deal

    1. Hi carol a williams, We just want to thank you that you shared your feedback and opinion. We truly value it and understand how important it is for any buyer to know the exact state of the scammers. Take care

    1. Hello Shalanda L Boseman, which payment mode did you used? Ask them for a claim. Most of the buyers are in the same phase. Try to connect with them for refund. Let us know any feedback from them. Take care. Stay safe and alert.

      1. I ordered on 12/07/2021 a KC Chief Jersey and paid for the expeditated shipping and still no word or tracking number and they don’t respond to emails. I do a lot of online shopping and will report this one.

  6. Hi I placed a order for a hoodie and it asked me for my P.O. Box instead of my street address and I gave it Why don’t u guys have a phone number

    1. Hello Derek Acosta, these are the tricks they use to earn money. They showcase as they will send you order and after some days they dispatch it to a different address. They will not disclose any phone number. So, check if you get it, else go for a refund. Please update the details. Thanks. Take care.

  7. I ordered on November 14 2021 they sent me and email with a tracking number which was only label that was created it gave me a usps tracking number the post office never received it. It is now 12/10/21 and I have not received anything I have contacted customer service email several times with absolutely no response at all. This place is a SCAM stay away!!!

    1. Hello Alison, It’s horrible. How much did you put into the purchase? The fraudulent use such ways and disappear. You can check for a refund; however, you paid the amount. They will help you better to get your money back. Please check with them and update. Be careful. Take care. Thanks.

  8. I ordered a jersey 2 weeks ago and was suppose to Receive a email when my jersey is shipped and Also I got the fast shipping but didn’t get nothing and tried to call but there’s no contact number only email.I feel like this is a scam. Fyi they was quick to take my money tho . How could I get a refund ?

    1. Hello Sammy, no reply from them, seems they are scammers. The payment company, however you paid it, will help you to get your money back. Please let us know, once you receive the refund. Be aware. Thanks & regards. Take care.

  9. I ordered from Gempose too it was a Christmas present and I sent several emails and no response. I want my Money back seeing as how this must be a scam. I didn’t use PayPal so I’m not sure how I’m going to get my money back I spent 70.00 on the website. Not very happy right now I have a disabled daughter and this ain’t right evil people.

  10. I ordered a New York Islanders jersey with a cc and have heard nothing from them after using recommended shipping, and leaving a tip. No response from them after sending several messages, its been weeks what can I do?

    1. Hello Robert H Meseravage, we feel sad, you did not receive any response. Reach your payment company and opt for a refund. They can help you in this situation. Be aware every time. Take care. Thanks.

    1. Hello beto gonzalez, feel sad no such response from them. How long back did you place an order? It is advisable to reach for a refund. Check with the payment company, they will guide you and help to get your money back. Thanks & regards. Take care.

  11. 16919W 63rd, Lane Arvada, CO 80403, US this is there address. I had a friend who lives in CO look it up! Its a damn house!!!! I just paid 70 dollars… No response to email or phone number

  12. It s not safe they stolen my money I made the order that I never received and also tray to contact and nobody answered his page its fake

    1. Hello Beatriz X Carrazana, when did you place an order and the amount you invest? If no response from them, go directly to for a refund. Don’t try to get in touch with them, they will not send any order. The payment company will help you better. Thanks. Take care.

  13. DO NOT…I REPEAT…DO NOT order anything from GEMPOSE!!! I ordered a 3x Hoodie for my husband and they sent me a size SMALL!! I emailed them 3 times about getting an exchange and they claim I ordered the small size. Told me my order don’t qualify for an exchange but they’ll give me a 10% off code on my next order😂😂😂😂 I’m out 67.00 and no one that can wear a size small. Never again. Do NOT give GEMPOSE your money!!!!

  14. I ordered a jersey & the same situation, no response on their email , I have tried 3 times & nothing. They have no number just an address. I hate to think I just threw away $$$ for nothing. Lesson learned.!!!

  15. Yes this is a fake site. I lost 70.00 on a jacket and why I didn’t use pay pal I’ll never know. My order had tracking right up to home but never received it. Bought the 3 rd of December and still 12/29 don’t have it. Don’t trust this company.

    1. Hello Roxann, yes, all have expressed the same review. By which mode you did payment? You can check with them. Buyers, it is suggestible to stay away from them. Please get in touch with us and update us here. Thanks.

  16. I ordered a Denver broncos customized jersey for my best friend for Christmas and I ordered it on the 20th of December and not using PayPal only my bank card and I sent an email and no email back can I get a refund and report the scam?

    1. Hello Teresa, it’s terrible. They grab the money and disappear. No response from them, suggest they will not dispatch the order. Go for a refund option. Please update here. Thanks. Be careful.

  17. I ordered my husband a jersey around the first of December & it was supposed to be his Christmas gift. I really wish I would have done my research first bc we still haven’t received it….nor can I get anybody to help me from Gempose, via email. So, we are out of almost $100! We paid with my husband’s bank card. Hopefully they will reverse the charge.

    1. Hello Amanda & Matthew Separk, we feel sad and nervous you did not receive the order. Many of them expressed the same views. You can try for a refund from the payment company. However, you paid the amount you can reach them. They will help you. Drop the update. Thanks.

  18. I ordered a Christmas present for my boyfriend. I was hesitant between large or extra large and chose extra large. I specifically remember choosing the EXTRA LARGE size . I did order past the cut off date for delivery for Christmas, so I can’t hold that against them. I ordered on Dec 6 and received my order January 10th.
    My order came as a SMALL. I emailed the company to inquire about exchange but “it doesn’t fall in the guidelines of a “return or exchange” because according to them the order was placed as a small. They offered a 10% discount to purchase the right size. This is such horrible business. I wouldn’t ever spend another dollar with this company.

  19. I ordered a Christmas present for my boyfriend. I was hesitant between large or extra large and chose extra large. I specifically remember choosing the EXTRA LARGE size . I did order past the cut off date for delivery for Christmas, so I can’t hold that against them. I ordered on Dec 6 and received my order January 10th.
    My order came as a SMALL. I emailed the company to inquire about exchange but “it doesn’t fall in the guidelines of a “return or exchange” because according to them the order was placed as a small. They offered a 10 percent discount to purchase the right size. This is such horrible business. I wouldn’t ever spend another dollar with this company.

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