Gayle King Sports Illustrated – First Time Appearance on a Magazine at 70 Years of Age

Gayle King Sports Illustrated was featured in the magazine wearing Swimsuit for which she followed an elaborate exercise regime and took advice from Oprah Winfrey.

Gayle King is currently hogging the limelight for her appearance on Sports Illustrated Swimsuit. The American author and television personality with a massive following across Canada and the United States is reigning all attention for her cover page appearance.

Here, Gayle King’s Sports Illustrated hashtag is spread across different social media channels. According to sources, the co-host of CBS Mornings was quite elated to find herself in the 60th edition of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit.

This article details interesting facts about broadcast journalists. The sections below elaborate on these.

Gayle King Sports Illustrated – Who is Gayle King?

Gayle King belongs to America, born on 28 December 1954. As per research, she is currently 69 years of age and will soon turn 70. She rose to name by co-hosting the popular morning show called the CBS Mornings.

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Before this, she was part of CBS This Morning. Additionally, Gayle King was associated as the editor for O, The Oprah Magazine. Herein, Gayle King’s Swimsuit Issue is trending all over the internet as it features the 70-year-old broadcast journalist.

We further researched and investigated Gayle King. In the upcoming paragraphs, we elaborate more on her personal life and career journey to the cover of Sports Swimsuit’s 60th edition.

Gayle King Swimsuit Issue – Why is Gayle in the News?

Fans were shocked when Gayle King appeared in the 60th edition of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit, which was released on 17 May 2024. In a statement to the media, King said it wasn’t something she had ever dreamed about. However, it is also a distinct thing which she has done that she didn’t think was possible.

Furthermore, King also stated her surprise when her picture was revealed on the cover spot. It was aired live for CBS Mornings on 14 May 2024 on Tuesday. The live also included Kate Upton and Hunter McGrady, who were also on the cover page as solo covers.

Gayle King Pictures

Giving a statement for the magazine, MJ Day, who is also the editor-in-chief of Sports Magazine, said that Gayle is the first-timer along with her other co-cover models.

He further stated that women can, if necessary, control their destiny and go beyond any limit.

Speaking about her preparation for featuring in the magazine, King said he did not go crazy with her dieting. However, she continued to maintain her exercise regime. These include a combination of training along with indulging cardio.

Gayle King Oprah Winfrey – Her Appearance on Oprah Magazine

Gayle was associated with Oprah Magazine. She also consulted Oprah for ideas while featuring for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit. As per sources, she told her to enjoy the process and have fun.

Final Conclusion

Gayle King Sports Illustrated is a milestone for broadcast journalists. She has been closely associated with Oprah Winfrey since the beginning of 1976. Moreover, in the year 2010, she appeared in an interview with Barbara Walters.

According to research, she married Bill Bumpus from 1982 to 1993. The couple has two children: a son named William Bumpus Jr. and a daughter named Kirby. The latest picture in the magazine has received a positive review from fans and the audience.

Besides, it is currently trending on the internet and shared by fans on various social media channels. In 2023, Gayle also appeared on other shows, such as Celebrity Family Feud, wherein she competed with Sophia Bush wherein King’s team got lost.

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