Gawke Wordle {August 2022} Checkout The Correct Answer!

In this post- Gawke Wordle, the readers will get to know about the rules and hints for today’s Wordle.

Can you answer Today’s Wordle? Do you know the hints to Today’s Wordle? Wordle is a website-based word game developed by Josh Wardle and adopted by the New York Times for better consumer reach. The game has gained popularity, especially in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and AustraliaThe game involves guessing a five-letter word when given six chances. 

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Is Gawke the correct answer? 

Wordle has become challenging over time. People have always found this game to be very interesting and mind-inductive. This helps in the increasing popularity of the game. The game includes giving the player six guesses to predict a five-letter word. The game increases the vocabulary and literary knowledge of the players. If you are yet to discover the game try it today and find yourself intrigued. 

For Today’s Wordle, many players guessed the Word Gawke. Do you think that Gawke is the correct answer? TheGawke Wordle has everyone questioning the correct answer. However, Gawke is not the right one. 

Thus, the correct answer is GAUZE. 

So many people lost the Wordle because they could not understand the rules and hints of the game. The word search becomes a lot clearer if that’s the case. Thus, rules and hints are essential.

Read the post further to learn about these rules and the hints for the Wordle consecutively. 

Directions for Today’s Wordle. 

As mentioned before, Wordle is helpful in many ways, but it can only be fun to play if you know about how to play it. The act of determining the answer for Gawke Wordle

can only be done by the process of elimination with the help of the rules and hints of the game. This elimination process can also be done by knowing the meaning of the word and not only the letters in it. To know about these clues, please read below.

In continuation, the rules are- 

  • The Wordle for Today starts with a G
  • The Word has two consecutive vowels 
  • The Word has three vowels in total 
  • The Word ends with an E
  • It means to cover up a dress or blunder

Thus, the correct answer for the Wordle is GAUZE. 

Gawke Wordle

It was observed that many players guessed the Word Gawke , which was the incorrect answer. The correct answer was not prevalent because many players did not understand the game’s rules and regulations. Thus, the rules of the game are as follows- 

  • There are six guesses. 
  • The correct answer turns the Word green 
  • If it is the right answer, but the placement is wrong, the colour turns yellow
  • If the answer is wrong, the colour turns to grey. 
  • The Word’s plural form is never used. 


In summation of the post- Gawke Wordle, it can be said that it talks about the clues and rules of the game required to excel and eventually win the game. To know more, please check this link

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