Gamestop Man NFT {Aug 2022} Price & Why It Is Removed?

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Readers who wish to know the details for Gamestop Man NFT, scroll this article till the end to reveal all the related facts.

Have you checked out the details for a Falling Man NFT? What is this image all about? Why is this NFT not appreciated by the platforms? Readers who wish to know the details for this falling man NFT by Gamestop, this article will help you with the details. 

Gamestop is a platform based in the United States, and Australia has its hype in multiple other parts of the world. An NFT was promoted from this platform that gained hype under Gamestop Man NFT criticism. Read this article to know more about the same. 

Details about the Falling Man NFT by Gamestop:

Readers who wish to know the reasons for sudden removal of the falling man NFT from the internet, then it has been removed by the platform itself. Reasons for the removal is that this is about a falling man and the photograph was taken from terrorist attack from the 9/11 incident at World Trade Center. 

This NFT has been marked as tasteless and also not appreciated by the people. It was originally taken by Richard Drew, an Associated Press photographer back in 2001. 

Gamestop Falling Man NFT Price:

After finding out the basic details for this NFT, we can say that this has been flagged over the internet due to the conspiracy and has been taken off from all its platforms by Gamestop. Moreover, the platform has also revoked artist’s ability to create any NFT in future as well. 

If we go by the price, then the price for this was initially quoted 0.65 ETH and this was quoted back 25 times. But later after the hype for the image, the price was taken down to 0.029 ETH and Gamestop had 2.25% cut from each sale of the same. 

Gamestop Man NFT: Statements from Gamestop:

As we have already mentioned, Gamestop has revealed that they have taken off all the abilities to create any NFT from this creator and also in direct contacts with the owner of the same for actions. 

One of the users has also posted a screenshot of the conversation between twitter and Gamestop where twitter has asked such companies not to make profits from such gross and tasteless art forms. Gamestop has replied to the same saying that they have entirely taken off this creation. 

In regards to their complaint about this NFT, twitter also mentioned that they have tried to report the entire website due to Gamestop Falling Man NFT. But it couldn’t be processed as they need to connect the same with their wallet. 

Details about the Original Photograph:

Now that we have all the details for the NFT, let’s also find some details about the original picture. It was published on 12th September, 2001 in the NY Times and was taken by Richard during the 9/11 tragedy. 

Final Verdict:

All the readers who are still curious about the NFT of a falling man, then it is taken off by the platform as it was not original and copied from a picture taken back in 2001. Gamestop Man NFT was also criticized by Twitter. 

Check out the Tweet for falling Man NFT to know more. Does this article helped you? Then, please share your comments for the same below.

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