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This article describes a Canadian parent’s website that helps conduct and organize social events and activities for kids. Read about Gameoncanada org.

Are you a parent who is concerned about your child’s mental wellbeing during the lockdown periods? Are you looking for a solution that will reduce the mental impact on your children? If so, you must have heard about an innovative online initiation made for the betterment of children during lockdowns.

Parents from Canada are very much relieved due to the new website that will be beneficial for their children’s physical and mental health by engaging in different joyful events. Continue reading about Gameoncanada org.

About the website

The website was created by Dermot Pomeroy, the father of three children. He and his kids are very active in outdoor and sports activities, which is a part of their daily routine. Their healthy activities stopped due to the imposition of strict lockdown rules in the country during the pandemic.

The 14 months of staying at home and not getting out of home have increased depression, anxiety, stress and other mental problems. Then, he tried to organize nearby events to mingle with other kids in the neighbourhood.

Gameoncanada org

  • After organizing small social events for kids in the neighbourhood and having conversations with their parents helped him to understand the serious health issues children face because of a lack of actual social interactions.
  • After getting a positive response from the children and parents from his locality, Dermot conducted these mini-events in other locations.
  • The events included kids’ music festivals, dance parties, animal balloons, bouncy castles.
  • After conducting, a few events, people from different locations approached him to conduct similar events in their locality and the demand for such events started increasing rapidly.

Website Specifications

  • Dermot Pomeroy created Gameoncanada org on 13th May 2021.
  • The website posts details about the kid’s events and promotes kids’ activities, making it a legit website without any wrong intentions.
  • The trust score of this website is low as the domain age is less than 6 months.
  • Most visitors consist of parents from Canada.
  • Customer reviews are not available as the website is very new.

  Website Mission

  • The website’s vision is to promote the social activities of the kids for the betterment of the trauma children are facing due to the lockdown. Keep reading to know more on Gameoncanada org.
  • “Let The Kid’s Play” is the slogan of the website which says it all.
  • The people interested in conducting kid’s events can post it on this website with event location, timings, and other details, which will help reach a larger audience.


A child’s physical and mental health can be affected badly by staying at home without social interactions and activities. So as a responsible parent, make sure that your child is fit mentally and physically. To know more about the website, please visit. 

Are there any kid’s events taking place near your locality similar to those conducted by Gameoncanada org? If so, kindly share your valuable feedback.

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