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Please read this article to learn about the Game Duotrigordle, a word-based challenge game that took inspiration from Wordle and many spin-off versions.

Are you interested in word puzzles? Do you play Wordle daily without fail? Do you have confidence in your vocabulary and guessing skills? Then, you must be fascinated to know about yet another word-based puzzle game.

In this report, we have mentioned facts about an online gaming platform. People from many nations, like New Zealand, Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States, are keen on knowing about the gameplay. Therefore, please read this write-up to learn the required information about the Game Duotrigordle.

What is Duotrigordle?

Duotrigordle is another spin-off version of the renowned parent game Wordle. The developer of this game also took inspiration from Hexadecordle, Dordle, Octordle, and Quordle to create it. Thus, the subject game is an union of various word-based guessing games. 

Who is the Founder of Duotrigordle?

Bryan Chen, a Computer Science student at Waterloo University, invented this game. He is interested in creating such projects, letting people enjoy the games. He has an account in Ko-Fi where he has requested his fans to fund his initiative to make it better. 

How Many Times Can One Play The Game Duotrigordle Daily

A new game of Duotrigordle gets updated on one’s device every thirteen hours. This is in contrast to most Wordle by-products that have a timeframe of twenty-four hours. Thus, if the user considers 12 midnight as the beginning of a day, he can play a new game twice in the span of a day. 

However, if the number of guesses is over in a given game, the player cannot continue it further. The number of attempts was initially forty. However, the developer recently changed it to thirty-seven, according to the game’s source code on GitHub. 

How To Play The Game Duotrigordle?

The official site of this game has a multiple-grid display. The user has to guess thirty-two words in Duotrigordle. When the player types the first guess, the first rows of all the words to be guessed display those letters. Simultaneously, the color-coding also appears. 

The colored hints are the same as that of Wordle. It implies the green tiles correspond to the correct letter at the correct place. Also, the yellow tiles pertain to the correct letter at an incorrect position. An uncolored block means that the alphabet is not there in that word. 

The fun factor in the Game Duotrigordle Daily is that the coloring appears together in all the thirty-two locations. So the gamer can focus and enter the letters for guessing only one word at a time. But the colors will keep displaying for all the words throughout the grid. 

As a result, Duotrigordle is a brainstorming activity. The players must give their best shots in guessing per the colored hints within limited tries. Furthermore, the portal also has a practice mode for gamers who want to train themselves beforehand.


This game is one of the unique by-products of Wordle. Gamers from various parts of the world regularly indulge in the Game Duotrigordle to test their intelligence. You can check the source code of Duotrigordle on GitHub to know the latest updates to the game. 

Did you play any game of Duotrigordle? Could you guess all the words? Please share below.

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