Gambling Apes NFT (Jan 2022) Created From Ultra-Rare Traits!

The guide shares details about the new gambling platform and the benefits that Gambling Apes NFT owners can enjoy.  

Rare and high utility NFTs are out for the gamblers in the United States, Gambling Apes. All gamblers and investors are invited to join the exclusive NFT project of the platform that features authentic art and unrivaled utility.

The owner of Gambling Apes co-owns a casino in Metaverse, and all gamblers are invited for exclusive weekly competitions, meet-ups, and more. All the Gambling Apes characters are custom-made, registered on the Ether blockchain, and hosted on IFPS. It means there is no chance of any alteration. 

Participate today to earn the Gambling Apes NFT as a share of all profits. 

What is Gambling Apes?

Gambling Apes is a project comprising more than 7777 unique characters, all combining rare and authentic art with unmatched utility for the Gambling Apes holders and owners. 

The project aims to develop a gambling community comprising like-minded people who enjoy gambling, party, fun, and at the same time make money from gambling. So, gambling on the platform has many benefits that are explained below. 

What Benefits Gambling Apes NFT Owners Can Expect?

The NFT owners on Gambling Apes have unique and authentic art and an additional unmatched utility in the NFT space. 

  • Weekly Competitions – Weekly competitions are hosted every Thursday night, and the NFT owners can participate for free. 
  • Exclusive Picks for Bet – The NFT owners can access weekly tips from the experts with higher betting success. 
  • Party – The NFT holders can also participate in the upcoming two meet-ups in Miami and September.
  • Physical Collectibles – The Gambling Apes NFT owners get cool and exclusive collectibles with their apes on them.       
  • Casino Owner – The developers are planning to develop Ape Casino in Decentraland Metaverse. It is open for all, but NFT owners will get a share of the casino profit. 

How is Gambling Apes Different?

The gambling Apes team has worked with many excellent and renowned artists to develop unique and authentic art pieces. Without looking back, the team is focusing on doubling the profit to make the Gambling Apes NFT an exceptional utility.    

Gambling Apes is backed by the team of experienced entrepreneurs with years of rich expertise and experience. The team focuses on execution and continues to be transparent and public. So, join the project to grow together as it is uniquely ranked. 

Where can you Get Gambling Apes?

The only way to get the NFTs is via minting, and the mint event is expected to be started from early September. The team will announce the date in the Discord. The mint event is accessible to all on the official website only. 

Investors can mint the Gambling Apes NFT using around 0077 ETH. So, the value of one NFT will be about 0077 ETH. After the initial mint event, investors can display their NFTs and trade them on the OpenSea.    


Gamblers in the United States are attracted to the Gambling Apes and eager to know when the Ape Casino will start. Likewise, investors are attracted to the gambling platform because of the benefits offered to the NFT owners. If you are also interested in gambling and becoming the shareholder of the Ape Casino, invest in the Gambling Apes NFT

What is your opinion on Gambling Apes and its NFTs? Would you mind sharing it in the comment section? Moreover, we have provided you with the information only, and we suggest you take it for entertainment purposes and not for daily living. 

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