Fungus King Set Fortnite {Jan} Find What Items included!

This research on Fungus King Set Fortnite will provide you with knowledge regarding this game and its tools.

Are you a game lover? If so, you might have played Fortnite for sure. It is one of those emerging games of the United States played by millions of gamers. Fortnite has launched a new set as a reward for its users.

Our article on Fungus King Set Fortnite will tell you about this king set. And what are the items included in this set? So, all the die-hard fans of Fortnite won’t skip any part of this article. Let us move further and discuss this set.

Brief on Fortnite game

Epic Games Publication introduced an online game in 2017 named Fortnite. This game is available in three different modes. These are:

  • Fortnite – Save The World: up to four players can play in this mode and fight against creatures like Zombies.
  • Fortnite- Battle Royale: up to a hundred players fight in the battleground to remain alive till the end.
  • Fortnite Creative: players are free to move and make their battle arenas.

Fungus King Set Fortnite

During your journey in Fortnite, you might have an encounter with King Fungus. This is a Madcap, a blue and purple mushroom shaman. It was first introduced in Season 8, Chapter 2. This newly launched Fungus King Set has been an amazing gift for all gamers.

The Fungus King Fortnite includes the following items:

  • Madcap
  • Bello Bag Bling
  • Crescent shroom Pickaxe

All these three pieces are included in the Fungus King Set. The madcap’s skin and the back bling have a luminous style that belongs to the mushroom exhibit. According to the Fungus King Set Fortnite, its cost could be expected to be 1500 V-bucks.

Pickaxe as a compensation

If you are continuously connected with Fortnite, you might have experienced some glitch last month, December. The servers were down, due to which the players found login trouble in Fortnite. The makers claimed that they would provide one of the tools of the Fungus King Set for free to all users. They offered Crescent Shroom Pickaxe as a compensation reward for the login issues. They investigated the issue and promised to fix the problem and bring it in front of all the users. Fungus King Set Fortnite, if given for free, will excite and build up the interest of many gamers interested in their game.

The epic game publications might have lost their users after this trouble. But, if this tool is given for free to the users, it will bring back the interest among all the users.

Description of Fungus king set

As we discussed, that Fungus King Set consisted of three pieces of the outfit of the King. All these pieces are different in their variety. They are described below:

  • Madcap is a kind of outfit of the King.
  • Crescent shroom is a type of Harvesting tool.
  • Bello Bag is a type of back bling.


Based on the Fungus King Set Fortnite, we told everything about the included items in this set. Also, according to our research, we talked about an item which will be provided for free to all the users. You can check more details on the Fungus King Set on this page.

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