French President Macron Resigns {July 2022} Read Here!

Latest News French President Macron Resigns
This post French President Macron Resigns, will inform our readers about the Betrayal of Macron and his secret deal with an American Company.

Do you know what’s going on in France? France’s president has been ordered to quit. This news has become so sensational that people all around the world, including Canada, are looking for the rationale for this registration order.

In this post on French President Macron Resigns, we will discuss and inform all the updates regarding this news. Keep reading this article to get the latest news update on France news.

Why has Emmanuelle Macron been ordered cto resign?

According to internet reports, he has been asked to resign after an investigation discovered that he had a secret contract to advance an American company, which has been called the “worst treachery in history.”

Information was leaked, leading a French official to call for Macron’s resignation. The reason for this resignation letter was recently revealed to the French public after an investigation conducted by local politicians discovered that he had a “secret deal” with an American corporation Uber.

Reason for French President Macron Resigns

Mr Emmanuel Macron has made headlines after striking a secret deal with Uber’s foreign branch. He also guaranteed the corporation that a legal necessity for obtaining the license in France would be provided. According to Elisabeth Borne, he is not loyal to France, and Mr Macron prioritized his interests over national objectives.

According to sources, he was already abandoning France by supporting the interests of an American corporation, and this fresh revelation proves his treachery. 

Mr. Emmanuel Macron made a secret deal with Uber, an American company, to “make France work for Uber so that in the future Uber can function in and for France” French President Macron Resigns is ordered because of this betrayal.

Uber Statement on this matter

Macron is facing public criticism, and his plans have been shattered; in addition, he has lost his job due to his behaviour. He is no longer respected. And as per leaked documents, lobbyists for the ride-sharing company met with various Ministers during their Covert efforts to influence London’s transportation policy.

According to the Uber email, it is preferable to meet in London because it is far more private, but now Uber has denied this lobbyist in secret, 

French President Macron Resigns was searched widely as it was hard to believe that a post-holding Minister could do this kind of betrayal.

All this information is based on internet research, and we do not play any role in it.


Wrapping up this post, we have provided our readers with all the updates and information regarding their resignation news of Macron. We also mentioned the secret deal between Uber and Macron, which made him face public criticism. Please check this link  to know more about Emmanuel Macron.

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