Frank Speech Mike Lindell Website {Aug 2021} Know This!

Frank Speech Mike Lindell Website {Aug 2021} Know This! >> This article is an analysis of a newly launched social media platform. So read ahead.

Have you heard about the Cyber Symposium that has taken place recently? Do you know a new social media website has been announced and launched by a famous personality? Are you curious about the working of the latest social media site? Then read along to find out everything you need to know about the Frank Speech Mike Lindell Website that has created a substantial mixed uproar before the crowd.

The newly launched social media has been actively announced and established in the United States and Canada. That too, just before the elections, which have sparked a massive share of controversies and debates.

How much genuine is the Social Media website?

  • Domain age: The Domain Age is less than six months.
  • Social Media Presence: There is no presence of the website on any social media sites. Anything is not mentioned on the website.
  • Owners Information: Mike Lindell 
  • Anti-Trust Review: The Trust Score is just 1% which means that it is not trustworthy.
  • The malware was detected.
  • HTTPS protocol detected.

What is the Frank Speech Mike Lindell Website

Mike Lindell, the CEO of MyPillow, has recently announced the launch of his new social media site after he was banned from other popular social media sites such as Twitter for spreading false information and conspiracy theories favoring the former US President Donald Trump. The site claims to promote free speech, and the same is the motto of the site. 

The recent cyber symposium was the main announcing and streaming event that the site owner used to publicize the new social media. The owner claimed that his latest social media site would be unlike any other mainstream social media site, and users can freely speak anything and everything. The users of the Frank Speech Mike Lindell Website, on the other hand, have claimed that the social media site was primarily a single channel communication medium where the owner and his associates posted information, including election fraud and CoVid-19 scams. A rather interesting thing to note is that this social media does have malware and collect users’ data. The social media site has also monitored and censored any post which has spoken anything against the former President or has criticized any actions.

What are the odds of using this site?

It is now evident that the newly created social media site is a political tool. The Frank Speech Mike Lindell Website, unlike its motto of complete freedom of speech, is proving to be a notorious political tool to check on the citizens going against the Former President that too just before the Elections. The select few users had their accounts banned for using the “Lord’s Name” in criticism.


Therefore, it can only be said that the newly launched social media site is instead something to have stayed in the distance from. There are various factors in the platform’s usage, and the platform’s website has privacy malwares detected, less trust-score, and a bad Alexa Ranking. The Frank Speech Mike Lindell Website is not at par with its motto but somewhat contradictory.

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