Found Human Remains Lake Mead {Aug 2022} Find How Many!

Read information about Found Human Remains Lake Mead to know about the increasing number of such incidents due to drops in water levels.

Did you come across news of new human remains found in lake? The Southern Nevada Water Authority is responsible for managing water resources for people living in southern Nevada and Las Vegas. People form the United States and Canada want to know related facts. 

Did you know that lake Mead’s water levels continue to decline due to drought-like conditions? It resulted in parks rangers Found Human Remains Lake Mead.

About the discovery of new dead bodies:

The National Park Service reported human remains at the Swim Beach area of Boulder City in Nevada. It was reported at approximately 4:30 PM PST. The park rangers jumped into action and recovered a dead body. 

The Clark County Office of the Coroner is medically examining the body to determine the cause of death. It was revealed that the body is feasible for toxicology as it was in better condition compared to two other bodies discovered in the lake.

More information is awaited as the investigation is still in the initial stages.

Other Human Remains Found in Lake Mead:

The first body was discovered on 1st May 2022. The police expected foul play as the body had gunshot wounds. The police examined the clothing and footwear of the victim and concluded that the clothing design and pattern pertained to the lifestyle and fashion of the 70s and mid-80s. 

The victim’s remains are anticipated to be more than 40 decades old. The body was found in a barrel. Hence, police said that whenever police find a body stuffed in a barrel, there is a high chance of the victim being murdered.

The second Found Human Remains Lake Mead was discovered on 7th May 2022 at the Callville Bay area in the park. It is anticipated that cold water at the bottom of the lake resulted in tissues of the body being preserved. The police are not considering the other two remains for investigations as the body seems to be decomposed, and no foul play was expected in one case. 

The third body was discovered this Monday. No further updates were released on these cases.

Due to climate change, its water levels are currently approximately 174 feet below, measuring about 1,040 feet. As the water levels continue to decrease, police expect more Found Human Remains Lake Mead that may have been dumped. Lake Mead is considered full when its water levels reach 2,000 feet. 


The drop in water levels also exposed boats from World War II. Further, no identity of human remains was discovered. Hence, the investigations are proceeding with limitations. No strong links are established related to any crime. Hence, the intact human remains undergo forensic dentistry, fingerprinting, X-rays, and forensic anthropology. The police said they could order DNA testing if required.

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