Fortnite Casket {Nov} Know Newly Added Feature Details!

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In this post, we have discussed the famous game Fortnite and its newly anticipated features called the Fortnite Casket.

Are you a fan of Fortnite? Do you love playing Fortnite? Would you like to know about its new feature? If yes, tune into this post.

Epic Games has secretly introduced a new feature called Coffin to Fortnite, as per some recent reports, and people in the United States want to know more about it. So, in this post, we will discuss Fortnite Casket.

About Fortnite 

Fortnite is a famous shooter-survival video game. The game was published in 2017 by Epic Games. Fortnite comes in different game modes and variants and all of them share almost all basic gameplay and game engine which is called Save the World.

Epic Games frequently updates Fortnite with new features. The creators aim to stay under the radar and let players discover these new features on their own time while playing the battle game.

Data miners have enhanced this process of finding new features simpler in recent years by releasing crucial in game facts to the users. 

About Fortnite Casket

Fortnite is known for its fluid gameplay as well as in character mobility. The game’s creators have made a conscious effort to release updates as soon as possible to remedy any locomotory issues. Despite the fact that players have always had the choice to leap and kneel, the lack of a prone ability has perplexed gamers for quite some time.

Epic Games just announced a huge upgrade in which players can choose to lie on the floor in the battle game. It is, nevertheless, a little different from the standard prone posture. IFiremonkey, a database miner, has disclosed some key details about Fortnite Casket

A task belonging to the Dusk NPC is revealed in the Fortnite hack. Sleep in the Coffin for 5 seconds, says the task. As per the data miner, this challenge or mission will only need to be completed once in the game. Also, the challenge will not provide any rewards or points to the Fortnite players. This challenge is just for fun.

The coffin challenge requires players to lie on the floor in a coffin. It is very likely that the programmers have implemented a component that will remain in the gameplay just after the Fortnite Mares festival is over. 

Fortnite Casket or coffin can also be a new hiding spot in the game. Hiding locations are useful because they allow you to acquire an advantage over the opponent at the most inconvenient moments. You are likely to find the coffin in Dusk NTC. The Dusk NPC currently spawns southwest of the Sheriff’s Office and west of Lazy Lake POI. When you interact with her, you’ll be able to see all of the missions she has to give.


Fortnite is an awesome game and its developers, Epic Games, always come up with new features and abilities. The new coffin features will be very interesting to the game. Visit this News Website to know more.

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