Fortnite Assist Eliminating Gunnar (Feb) All Facts!

Please go through this article to learn about Fortnite Assist Eliminating Gunnar, about fighting a boss in one of the modes of this online video game. 

Are you a tech-savvy online gamer? Do you love playing Fortnite? Are you popular amongst your friends for your gaming skills? Then, please read this write-up as we have discussed an exciting feature about this game.

In today’s composition, we have talked about the method of eliminating a boss in this game. Gamers from various nations, like the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia, are eager to know about it. Therefore, please read till the end to learn about Fortnite Assist Eliminating Gunnar.

What is Fortnite?

Fortnite is a popular online gaming platform that Epic games developed in 2017. There are three modes of this game that were released one after another. Save the World is a cooperative game that users play against the environment. Battle Royale is a combat game that players can play alone or on a team. Creative, in contrast, is an exploring game of the sandbox genre. 

Fortnite has received awards like Best Competitive Game in Golden Joystick Awards 2018 and Best Ongoing Game in The Game Awards 2019. New features like Fortnite Assist Eliminating Gunnar make this game more thrilling. The game is presently available on various consoles like PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, Windows.

Who is Gunnar?

Gunnar is a boss in the Battle Royale mode of Fortnite. He is prevalent in the latest chapter, the nineteenth one. This is also the first season of the third chapter of Battle Royale. Its name is Flipped, as the second chapter ended with the overturning of the island, disclosing a new one.

This boss or non-player character (NPC) shows skills like shadow spar and gun show. Regarding Fortnite Assist Eliminating Gunnar, he has special moves when players try to eliminate him. For instance, he drops weapons like Stinger Submachine Gun and Grenades. Gunnar also showcases a Dash Attack in which he gets charged up and thrusts towards the gamer.

Where can one find Gunnar?

One can find Gunnar in Covert Cavern. The developers added this location in the middle of the current season via the v19.20 update. The placement of this spot is inside the Pinnacle Peak. Gamers can track this location by moving in the northeast direction of Camp Cuddle.

Fortnite Assist Eliminating Gunnar

If you want to support removing Gunnar, you must make him weak by damaging him. The moment you start attacking Gunnar, he shall drop weapons on you. Therefore, you must maintain a safe distance during combat.

Furthermore, as he is an IO guard, he will bow down while his fellow henchmen battle. You must not misunderstand this position, as it does not mean he is defeated. So, you should try to finish him as soon as possible. You can also let other players do the task while fighting with the other guards in the squad.


Fortnite Assist Eliminating Gunnar is an exciting feature that players would enjoy. However, one should be proactive and alert while doing this task, as Gunnar is a well-equipped boss. Also, you may like to gain more knowledge about Fortnite and its development.

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