For Honor Anniversary 2022 {Feb} Know Contributions!

The following research on For Honor Anniversary 2022 will guide you on the two famous personalities who have contributed to society.

God cannot be with us all the time, but they send their angels to help others. Today we are talking about two brave personalities who have sacrificed their lives for others. Herbert Herbie and Jason Moszer are two superheroes who worked to better others in the United States.

This article on For Honor Anniversary 2022 will guide you about the event that is going to happen to honor the famous and brave personalities. We will share the details of some officers who are honored.

About For Honor Event

For Honor, an event is being organized to honor the different personalities who have helped the nation with their bravery and left their mark, and their names are still remembered by their loved ones. We will talk about two people who are getting honored on different dates. Herbert Herbie and Jason Moszer are two personalities who are not with us, but their contribution is getting recognized.

Contribution of Jason Moszer to get honored in For Honor Anniversary 2022

Jason Moszer was FPD Officer who is getting honored on his sixth death anniversary. He was a brave police officer who sacrificed his life while countering a domestic situation. He was shot while that situation. So, the police department holds a memorial ceremony to remember the late police officer on Friday morning (February 11, 2022) at 9 a.m. The public was invited to the ceremony, and it was held in the parking lot (west) at the headquarters. Chaplain Jonas Bundy and Chief David Zibolski were seen at the ceremony. They showed their remarks for the brave soul. 

Contribution of Herbert Herbie Schilling

Herbert Herbie is honored in the For Honor Anniversary 2022, but why is he getting this honor? He had contributed a lot to the betterment of society. Spring Gala 2022 is an honorable event organized to honor the people who have contributed to society. Herbert Herbie had resurrected many golf tournaments and also began a non-profit organization. He even bought two radio stations. And even distributed its Schilling Products to many non-alcoholic brands. 

The event is set to happen on March 26, on Saturday from 6-10 p.m. It is the 25th celebration and will be going to be held at 600 E. St. Mary Blvd, UL Lafayette Alumni Center. As per For Honor Anniversary 2022, the function will feature a silent auction, food, and entertainment to the audience. There could be other famous personalities that may get recognitions titles in this event. The University of Louisiana is going to honor Herbert Herbie.


Wrapping up this content, we gathered information on two brave personalities getting honored in this event. There could be more personalities who may be getting any recognition. In this article, we have shared about Jason Moszer and Herbert Herbie, who have contributed a lot. Please check this link to know more about Jason Moszer.

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