Footy Classics Reviews {Jan 2022} Check If It Is A Scam!

This article expands the indication through Footy Classics Reviews with a wide-ranging evaluation.

Are you a maniac fan of football? Do you know you can avail yourself of retro football kits? If not, we would like to inform you that many have come forward to bring up the retro football kits. One such virtual platform is footy classics. The crazy fan base in the United Kingdom led this platform to develop. It is a Christmas sale on this site with limited stocks. However, before spending money, let us learn about Footy Classics Reviews to recognize its legitimacy. Continue reading.

Outline to know about Footy classics.

Football fans are always eager to owe themselves a retro football kit. Hence, Footy classics started a business for such fans and created retro football kits to life. They claim that they do not negotiate on the quality of the product they deliver. 

They have various types of jerseys on this site. They provide jerseys of the following team Ajax, Arsenal. Liverpool, Cardiff City. Celtic, Manchester City, MUFC, Rangers F.C, etc. All these jerseys are categorized by the year in which the team wore them. 

Before spending your hard-earned money, clarify Is Footy Classics Legit.


Let us go through some specs to understand the authentication of this site.

  • Website Type: It is the online portal that provides jerseys of various teams like Liverpool, Ajax, Arsenal, etc. 
  • E.mail: 
  • Website-
  • Contact address: It is unidentified throughout the site.
  • Contact number: It is unnoticed.
  • Cost of Products:  Euro (£)
  • Sort and filter – The filter by price options are only available on the site.
  • Options for payment: Payment of product is acceptable through Stripe, MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, and cash on delivery.
  • Shipping Policies: Free shipping done worldwide
  • Return Policies: 30 working days after receiving the product.
  • Social media links: It is unlinked.

Footy Classics Reviewsneed more explanation due to unsatisfied specification. 

Let us examine more and identify some pros and cons of this site. 

Positive Facts

  • The site is well designed, and sales are available.
  • There is no freight cost for shipping in any country worldwide.
  • Reviews of customers had observed.
  • HTTPS is available.

Negative Facts

  • The recent creation of domain names. 
  • There are missing contact details on the site.
  • There are countable products on this suspicious site.
  • Some relevant sections like; About Us are missing on the site.
  • The social media platform is not connected to the site.

Is Footy Classics Legit 

Let us take a glimpse at some more relevant points to identify the site’s legitimacy.

  • Website Age: It is the recently developed site in the market. (creation date: 06th October 2021)
  • Trust Score of Website: 1%, categorized under; Bad Trust index. 
  • Ranking in Alexa: Alexa failed to rank this site. Hence, people missed many notifications.
  • Contact address Legitimacy: It is important to send back the unsatisfied products. Therefore, due to the unavailability of the address. It becomes difficult for the customer to interact with the site owners.
  • The Customer reviewsFooty Classics Reviews have been noticed in many products. However, it is suspicious due to the 5-star rating from all the customers in all products.
  • Email ID Legitimacy: It is unresponsive to emails.
  • Content Originality: The content provided on this site is 100 % copied from another scam website. Customer reviews dates and domain creation dates are mismatched.
  • The owner identity: The owner of this site is unidentified on this portal.
  • Social Media Connection: It is unlinked to any social media network.
  • The Return and exchange policies: Within 30 days of receipt.
  • Refund Policy: Refunds would be provided; if the name or number is not printed on the jersey.

Footy Classics Reviews 

This site has different types of jerseys for many football fans. Reviews are observed in many products on the site. To make you notice, the customers have provided reviews in June, July, and September of 2021. 

However, the creation date of the domain is October 2021. It is suspicious. The contradictory dates between the received reviews and the domain creation dates are mismatched; that proves reviews manipulated. We missed noticing reviews from any reputed site. Get Your Money Back From PayPal if Scammed by clicking on this link.

Final opinions

We hope you have safeguarded through our Footy Classics Reviews. So, be alert. You can share your experience in the comment section below. Moreover, are you ready to explore more to have the best footballs? We recommend you to refer to this link for the best footballs. Also, refer to Everything You Should Know About Credit Card Scam here.

17 thoughts on “Footy Classics Reviews {Jan 2022} Check If It Is A Scam!”

  1. What a great company. The two tops I ordered are brilliant. Would definitely buy from them again. And recommend them to anybody.👍🏼⚽️⚽️

  2. I ordered on Footyclassics on 3rd December. The tracking system tells you these items are being shipped from China. As nothing arrived by Christmas I started to believe that I was being conned. WAIT…. (Today 5th Jan) my package arrived!!!!

  3. I placed an order on 2nd February, received a confirmation that it had been shipped with a false Royal Mail Tracking number which obviously doesn’t exist. I have sent various emails asking for an update but received nothing. Surely if you are using Royal Mail in your response confirmation with a Tracking Number they will be aware of the no shipment. I will give their head office a call to see how they play their part in this. I was hoping it would be here this week as it is a birthday present. Just would appreciate a call from Footy Classics to confirm delivery date.

  4. Hi I ordered a top 2 weeks ago and I’m still waiting recieved a Royal Mail dispatched confirmation but no delivery
    Hopefully someone can confirm
    Derek Hannah

  5. Made an order on 4th May. Got shipping email 6th May with a Royal Mail tracking number. Now 8 days later, RM tracking still says ‘ sender dispatching item’?!? Never had that before with a tracking number?

    Emailed FootyClassics who replied saying it was still on its way to the distribution centre? Utter tosh! That’s not how it works!

    Wanted my shirt for the Champions League Final on 28th May, not holding out much hope. Hope I’m wrong.

    • Hello argonaut56d, we feel sad, you did not get your order. How much did you invest? Did you get any confirmation mail? Hope you get your order. Buyers, be aware before any purchase. Be cautious. Thanks.

      • Paid £36 for my shirt. They still claim it’s on its way to me? But I don’t hold out much hope of it being here for the Champions League final, which is why I bought it! Thought 24 days before should be enough? Obviously not!

        As of today, 5 days after my last email to them, RM tracking still saying the same as it has done since 9th May.

        They have replied to my emails, but the same type of replies, ‘delivery takes this long because blah blah blah, you will get it before 28th etc’

        Just hoping that but some remote chance it does arrive, but can safely say, I will NEVER use them again.

  6. So I read these reviews after I bought from footy classics and didn’t receive my order and started to worry… however it came today after about 2 weeks. Great quality. Sorry that some people haven’t got theur orders but I got mine and I’m very happy with it. Would upload anpic but there is no option to

  7. The website is an absolute 100% SCAM!! They are the same people who just create a new football shirt website every year or so to cash in and the shirts never arrive

    • Hello Malcolm Sandars, if no response from them, try for a refund. The payment company, however you paid it, will help you to get your money back. Let us know any further updates. Thanks & regards. Take care.


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