Food Wordle Foodle {May} Details & 131 Puzzle Answer!

This news is a complete insight about the puzzle game with a similar theme of providing awareness on Food Wordle Foodle.

Are you looking for a similar game experience that is particularly based on the world and puzzles on different varieties of food? Do you want to play one of the famous games that have emerged popular among chefs? If yes, then scroll down more!

Users from the United States, Australia, United Kingdom and Canada are willing to play the games and crossword puzzles based on a similar concept of Wordle. Moreover, at the time of launch, it has attracted registrations more than Wordle! Read below more about Food Wordle Foodle.

Update of Foodle Game

Looking at the update about Foodle, it is a new segment immersed with a similar concept and theme of Wordle. However, the game gets more popular as it aims at food lovers and challenging keywords from chief and cuisine.

The game has developed rules and updated answers to challenges for users varying on different levels. It also seeks to engage with direct connections to social media and other networking platforms. 

The name itself is based on a similar theme of Wordle as it mostly specifies 5 letter words and hints. Read below more about the Foodle Answer for the Last puzzle!

Rules and Regulations

The rules for Foodle are similar t some of the rules and regulations from Wordle. It is even similar to the concept and theme. Some of the rules after the update are as mentioned below:-

  • The puzzle is based on the keywords and letters based on the food and foodies only. 
  • The user is given 6 attempts to solve the puzzle.
  • The hints for each puzzle are presented below the boxes.
  • The user can also post the scores on internet platforms and social media apps.
  • The green boxes help in determining the correct answers at every step.

Food Wordle Foodle: Know Answer for the 131st puzzle.

The answer for the 11th May puzzle, as per the official website, is ICING. The new answer for 12 th of May is not yet released. It will be posted after a couple of hours. 

How to download Foodle Free?

The Foodle application can be downloaded free with the help of links and a discord group. Apart from this, one can also get it free through an online process. There is not much lingual version for Foodle; users have opted for such a mystery game.

Why is Foodle Unlimited Trending?

The game is trending as it has scored more visitors and registrations within a month. Catering to a major segment of users who are particularly engaged in playing about the cuisines and food, it has been Trending!


In conclusion, this news states about the game that has emerged as the main segment of users worldwide. As a basic concept of the game, users are more into the new segment and the 5-word letter category of cuisine.

Comment your opinion below to answer the last Foodle puzzle after an update from the New York Times. Was your answer correct, as mentioned by Food Wordle Foodle?

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