Explore Foncia .com: Find Foncia Pouzet, Claye Souilly, Paris Rive Gauche, And Port Camargue Details

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Are you searching to rent or buy a property in France? Would you like to rent your property to drive rental income? Do you want to buy a secondary home? Are you looking for a residential property with a terrace, garden or balcony? Do you consider facilities like the availability of internet connection in the property you want to rent or buy?

Let’s check about Foncia .com offering solutions for the above concerns.

About Foncia:

Foncia.com is a commercial website that offers deals related to purchasing or renting property. Foncia.com has successfully executed more than 20K transactions, managed more than 70K co-ownership properties and 400K rental properties in the past year. 

Currently, there are more than 15K properties listed on the website waiting for you to explore. It also allows you to list your property to earn rental income or profit by selling your properties.

Foncia.com is partnered with more than 500 agencies dealing with real states to provide you with better options for locating a property. 

Foncia Pouzet and Foncia.com services:

Fonica allows 360° virtual tours, luminosity certificates, 3D makeovers, digital performance diagnosis, and access to more than 120 criteria for finding a perfect property match.

Foncia.com provides you services related to:

  1. The security deposit for a rental property, 
  2. Providing information about sites that suites your rental budget, 
  3. Professional service by the fonica team through the process of renting property,
  4. Choosing a rental plan, 
  5. Choosing a principal residence, 
  6. Choosing a property for investment, 
  7. Details about furnished and unfurnished properties, 
  8. Visiting the property, 
  9. Signing the lease agreement, 
  10. Taking fonica home insurance for Foncia Paris Rive Gauche
  11. Subscription to energy contract, 
  12. Determining the deduction
  13.  of fixtures from security deposits when you leave the rental property, 
  14. Paying the entire fee in three easy instalments, 
  15. Assistance in payment of rent, 
  16. Determining your budget to buy a property, 
  17. Buying a new or an old property, 
  18. Assessment of property taxes, 
  19. Co-ownership management, etc.

The legitimacy of Foncia.com:

Foncia.com has a long time existence since 11th-December-1998.Foncia.com was updated on 9th-November-2021, which signifies active business. However, Foncia.com will expire on 11th-December-2022.

Foncia.com was registered in France. It uses a valid HTTPS protocol, and its has an SSL certificate valid for the next 68 days. Foncia.com achieved a 100% business ranking and listed Foncia Claye Souilly properties, a great 84,092 Alexa rank, a low 5% suspicion score, but a below-average 31% trust index.

Fonica is currently the largest French property manager. Foncia company was founded in 1972 by Jacky Lorenzetti, and Emerial is its parent company chaired by Phillip Hall. Francois Davy is the president of Fonica. 


More than 1,143 customer reviews rated it below average at 2.6/5-stars. On Trustpilot, 94% of customers provided negative feedback suggesting misinformation, Fonica asking for more money for maintenance, Etc. Therefore, Foncia.com reviews conclude that it is a possible legitimate business website offering properties at Foncia Port Camargue too. Hence, Fonica.com is only suggested to experienced internet users and real estate professionals.

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