Fnf Vs Sonic Exe (Aug 2021) All About This New Mod!

The guide shares details about the Fnf vs Sonic Exe MOD recently launched for Sonic lovers. 

Friday Night Funkin or FnF is the famous musical rhythm game where players need to complete the musical battle in freestyle mode. The game is backed by many artists, modders, and coders. In addition, a new MOD has been launched in the game called VS Sonic.EXE, and it is making news over the internet. 

The MOD takes players to the new world, where they will encounter a new version of Sony’s Dark. The Fnf vs Sonic Exe MOD feature new characters, rhythm, and songs. Players in the United States are curious to learn about the MOD.   

What is VS Sonic EXE?

VS Sonic Exe is the new MOD of the game Friday Night Funkin or FnF. The game takes the players to the world where they will encounter the new Sony Dark version. The new MOD features three songs called Endless, Execution, and Too Slow. It also has two new songs which can be unlocked using the codes. 

The MOD is making news amongst the players in the United States for its exceptional graphics that include a custom menu and new backgrounds and skins. 

What are the New Features of FnF Sonic.exe Mod?

In the new MOD VS Sonic.exe, players are going to enjoy different features and themes. Some of the new features that players will find in the new MOD are:

  • Three new songs
  • New weeks are added
  • Three new characters
  • Secret contents that unlock with new codes
  • There new backgrounds

The gameplay is amazing as it offers new challenges from medium to high difficulty levels. The new challenges bring the player to the new world of famous blue hedgehogs.

As per Sonic.exe Wiki, the MOD’s charts and notes show different colors at the last round, and the music section is amazing because it offers quality songs to match the sound notes. 

How to Get the MOD?

The game’s MOD is available for installation in the .exe file, and it is for PC and gaming consoles. However, players interested in getting the FnF MOD must install it from reliable sources that share the .exe file of the MOD. 

The MOD is for sonic lovers, and you must get the Fnf vs Sonic Exe from reliable sources to avoid unnecessary hassles. The MOD version is available as Open-Source on GitHub, and it is under the Apache 2.0 License.


Friday Night Funkin is the rhythmic musical game where the boyfriend has to complete the musical battles in the freestyle mode. Use the keyboard’s arrow key as the music plays and outdo your opponent to win the musical battle. 

Since many coders and modders back the game, new MOD versions of FnF are launched regularly. Fnf vs Sonic Exe is the new MOD of the game, and it is making news amongst the player for its amazing features and new additions.

Are you already playing the Sonic.exe MOD? Then, please share your views about the MOD in the comment section.

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