Flump Wordle {July} Is It A Correct Answer Or A Hint?

This article provides instructions for playing the game, clues to get the correct answer, and links to the solution at Flump Wordle.

Did you find it difficult to understand the words when you played wordle? Is it easy to read some words because the letters all look the same? What was your experience with the wordle before? Could you tell me if you got the correct answer? Do you need any other help finding the solution? Searched for it, and what did you find? Here are the details you need to know.

Puzzles are popular in Australia; some are easy to solve, while others require more clues. Here is the Flump Wordle, you can check out to find out more.

Clues to get the exact solution for the wordle

The word thought by the people was Flump, and the meaning mentioned is below. But the actual answer is different, and the clues to guess the answer is obtained using the clues provided below. The clues are:

  • A single vowel is available in the wordle.
  • One letter is repeatedly used in the word.
  • The letter is repeated three times in the word.
  • The letter is related to something fairly uncommon.

Hope the clues make the players give the perfect solution. The answer based on the above clues is “FLUFF”. 

Flump Definition and Tips, suggestions to play the game

Flump is “the sound of flumping or act”. Playing the game can be made easier with some tips and hints. Following a few tips is a good idea when you play it regularly. The steps provided are easy and clear to follow. Limited attempts are made to get the exact solution for the wordle. The words are selected randomly. While playing the wordle, based on the color of the tiles, the letters are adjusted perfectly till the required answer is obtained. Do you think it Is a Flump Word? Yes, flump is the word, and its meaning is mentioned above. There are a few indications of the letter where people can adjust the colors of the tiles, and players should be careful in modifying the coloured tile letters.

Indication of colors on tiles

  • Letters positioned correctly are indicated by a green box.
  • Players who place a letter incorrectly will be marked with a yellow box.
  • The grey color indicates the wrong letter tile.

Words that begin with “FL”

Players can learn a few words by trying these while solving the puzzles to help them understand the wordle quicker.

Words start with FL to play the Flump Wordle. 

Flush, Fluff, Flump, Flute, Fluty, Flung, Fluid, Flued, Fluky, Fluke, Floor, Float, Flops, Flues, and so on are the five-letter words that start with “FL.”

The purpose of these is to assist people who are trying to solve the puzzle.


As a result of our investigation, we discovered that Fluff was the correct answer, even though some players thought it was Flump. Based on the clues above, people can determine the absolute answer. So, grab the hints and play the game online.

Have you figured out how to play Flump Wordle? Please use the comment box below to share your valuable thoughts.

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