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In this post on Flip2dao com, we have covered many topics regarding Flip2dao, such as features and subscriptions of the platform.

Do you want to invest in real estate? Do you know about Flip2dao? Flip2dao is the platform that provides access to investing in real estate online. It is a New Jersey Domestic Limited-Liability company spread throughout the United States. 

If you want to know more about how it works and how you can take access then please read this post on Flip2dao com to get detailed information about it.

What is Flip2dao?

Flip2dao is an online platform that claims to be the first real estate platform powered by Web3 Technology. It is said to be a revolutionary in the field of real estate investment and making it accessible to everyone across the globe. The company claims to be the first-ever blockchain company to merge web3technologies with real estate assets.

Features of Flip2dao

Flip2dao comes with a lot of features for its users, and some of them are:

  • Invest: You can invest easily in a property of your choice only within three minutes.
  • Community: Flip2dao com allows users to build or join a diverse community of investors.
  • Tracking: The platform has made tracking properties, accounting, dividends, and more assets easy and smooth.
  • Real life-assets: If you want, you can keep your profit in real-life assets through Flip2dao.
  • Access to events: The platform provides access to various investing events, workshops and seminars.
  • Options: Investing, buying and selling your assets have been made easy through this web platform.

Subscription Plans of Flip2dao

Flipd2dao offers three subscription plans to its users. The three subscription plans of Flip2dao com are named as 

Landlord, Investor and Developer.

  • Landlord: To access the landlord plan for one year, users must pay $1,500. The benefits of this plan include a Video education library, a real estate v/s metaverse seminar, opportunity to invest in real estate. However, the users with a landlord subscription are not provided with Investment funding resources, Private events and also no members-only seminars.
  • Investor: The investor plan demands $3000. Along with the benefits provided in the landlord plan, the user will get access to Investment funding resources.
  • Developer: The developer plan for $5000 comes with all the features of Flip2dao.

Flip2dao com

Flip2dao is the first online platform that allows users to invest in any real estate proper from anywhere across the globe within three minutes. It provides the platform to meet and greet investors.

Along with that, flip2dao also has tools for investors to track their assets. Moreover, it organizes the seminar for the new investors. But the only criteria for joining this seminar is you should at least have a landlord-level subscription.


In this post, we have tried to explain to our readers the features and subscription plans of  Flip2dao com.

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