Flexdot Beta Watch Scam (March) Let Us Read The Review!

 The guide shares details to help consumers learn if Flexdot Beta Watch Scam or a legit product.

Do you want to get a formal yet stylish wristwatch for free? Yes, you sound it right; a website claims to offer wristwatches for free. Buying products at the lowest price is something that everyone desires. 

Outcarb is the brand claiming to offer free wristwatches via outerwatches.com. Flexdot Beta Watch is the wristwatch for a man offered by the website at zero cost. 

The website is making news amongst Worldwide consumers. Since nothing comes for free, consumers wonder if Flexdot Beta Watch Scam is legit. So, we will discuss the brand and its authenticity.

Is Flexdot Beta Watch Legit or Fake?

We have deeply analyzed and researched the product and its brand. After evaluating it, we found some crucial details worth mentioning. With the help of these factors, it would be easier to judge its legitimacy.

  • The brand’s domain was registered 11 months ago, on 5th April 2021.
  • The domain is registered for only one year as it will expire on 5th April 2022. So, consumers want to know if Flexdot Beta Watch Scam or legit. 
  • The trust score of the brand is only 5%, indicating that the website is hazardous.
  • There is no trust ranking available, and the Alexa Rank of the website is #624 878.
  • It has a promotional YouTube video but is not active on social media to confirm its legitimacy.

The factors gathered after evaluation makes the website and the product seems highly suspicious.

What is Flexdot Beta Watch?

Flexdot Beta Watch is a wristwatch designed with black metal. It is for men and is available for free on the website outerwacthes.com. But is Flexdot Beta Watch Scam or legit? 

The brand claims to offer the wristwatch for free, and there is no need to buy it. The wristwatch is made of black metal and a brushed black stainless steel case. It features a metal strap that is interchangeable and has a black dial with markers and hands.  

But, before you order the wristwatch, ensure to check if it is legit or a scam product. 


  • Product – Metal Wristwatch
  • Brand – Outcarb
  • Price – $150, but the brand is offering it at zero cost, and it creates suspicion, and consumers want to know if Flexdot Beta Watch Scam or legit. 
  • Case Thickness – 8mm
  • Case Size and Shape – 40mm and Round
  • Case Material – Stainless Steel Metal featuring brushed black texture
  • Color – Black
  • Dial Type – Analog 
  • Water Resistance – IP64
  • Power – Battery Powered 

Pros of Flexdot Beta Watch 

  • Stainless steel metal wristwatch
  • Hardened glass
  • Water-resistant 
  • Available for free
  • Strap is interchangeable 
  • Brushed steel metal case

Cons of Flexdot Beta Watch

  • There are no product reviews from consumers 
  • The product is not available anywhere else other than the seller’s website
  • Incomplete description and specifications  
  • Analog design that is outdated and old
  • Water-resistant is standard and can’t withstand splashes and submersion

Flexdot Beta Watch Scam or Legit – What Customers Are Saying?

After evaluating online, we haven’t found any reviews or comments from consumers. It seems the product lacks attracting the attention of the Worldwide consumer. So, there are no reviews, testimonials or feedback available over the internet. 

We have found a thread on discussion forums, and the thread is three years old. It is seen consumers have shared comments about the brand Outcarb. Consumers said that the product is free, but there is an unreasonable shipping cost. 

Many consumers have considered that it is a marketing technique to attract consumers. So, it can be a scam. They charge a high price for shipping and handling, which is unreasonable. Besides, there are no reviews to confirm whether Flexdot Beta Watch Scam is legit.  

Without reviewing and analyzing the product, you must not order it. You may get trapped in a scam. Always keep yourself equipped with the right knowledge to identify and report scams. It will also help you learn the Product’s Legitimacy.


Flexdot Beta Watch is a black metal wristwatch for men. It is presented by a free watch brand Outcarb. However, there are no reviews and comments available over the internet. But, some people have shared their viewpoints about the brand on major discussion forums

According to the consumers, the company offers free wristwatches but charges for shipping. So, Flexdot Beta Watch Scam and not legit. We urge our readers to carefully research and analyze the website and brand before ordering the wristwatch. 

Have you ordered the product for yourself? Then, please share your experiences in the comment section.

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