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The post talks about Flack Wordle and elaborates on why it is trending in the news recently. Check here.

Wordle is one of the viral games that has gained much attention from users worldwide. Created by Josh Wardle for his girlfriend, who is supposed to be very fond of the game, it was released for users online and instantly turned viral. 

However, users across Canada, the United States, India, the United Kingdom, and Australia found the answer to be a little tricky. Thus, in this article, we provide you with complete detail about Flack Wordle and the answer released on 10 April 2022.

Is Flack a Word?

Various permutations and combinations are used for guessing the correct answer. Often players begin by adding vowels, as most words in the English language contain words with letters a, e, i, o, u. It helps in understanding the placement of other words and accordingly guessing.

Furthermore, as most players guessed the last four letters, it remained a mystery for users to guess the word’s first letter. The letters included LACK, and the users were stuck on finding the first letter. Most guessed Flack Game, the meaning of the word being criticism.

However, the correct answer was BLACK for the Wordle 296 puzzle.

More details about 

As we all know, Wordle releases a new puzzle each day. Besides, it is the same for all players worldwide. However, the puzzle released on10 April 2022 did leave users confused. Moreover, the game is all about proving your prowess in the language and how soon you can guess the correct answer within limited attempts.

Furthermore, as per sources, most users got stuck in guessing the first alphabet, which had multiple possibilities. In comparison, the answer for the day was BLACK.

A Sneak Peek of Flack Wordle Game

Who is oblivious to Wordle? It is a game that has created an evolution in online games. Herein, players who are fond of solving crosswords and guessing the correct answer have the opportunity to brainstorm and pick the correct answer.

Besides, the game includes guessing a five-word answer, which hints are provided through changing tile color. For example, green stands for a correct guess, yellow for an almost correct guess, and grey for wrong ones.

We have explored and explained everything about Flack Game more and elaborated on the answer for Wordle 296, released on 10 April 2022. So, do read carefully.

Final Conclusion

Solving a five-letter puzzle can be quite a task if multiple words can be formed using the last four alphabets. It left many players confused, and most ended up using all six attempts to make the correct guess. However, the word of the day was BLACK, which many players also guessed as FLACK.

We hope the article provided you with sufficient information about the Flack Wordle. Do you want to know more about the word? Then read.

Did you make the correct guess? Please share with us your feedback and experience in the comments section below.

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