Five Letter Words That Start With Chu {April} Know Here!

Latest News Five Letter Words That Start With Chu

This article covers Five Letter Words That Start With Chu and helps you enhance your vocabulary by learning new terms.

Are you aware of the words starting with CHU? If not, we have got you covered! You will feel proud of yourself knowing you can win the word games without blinking. These games are popular in the United States

This article has been specifically framed to provide you with all the Five Letter Words That Start With Chu. It will provide you with a list of words along with their meanings. Read and enjoy learning new words.

Words Starting With CHU

  • Chuck- To squeeze or pat playfully, primarily under the chin.


  • To throw or toss. Example- He chucked the stones into the lake.
  • Informally means To throw out or discard.
  • Example- She chucked her old garments
  • Chunk-a hard slab of anything, such as wood or bread. 
  • Example- He ordered chunks of meat for his friends at the party
  • Grasp more effective words into your vocabulary from these 5 Letter Words Start With Chu,
  • A Churn- is a container or tool in which lotion or milk is disturbed to insulate the oily globules from the caseous/serious parts used to make butter.
  1. Turbulence or uproar 


  • a. To stir or agitate (milk/cream) for making butter.
  • b. To make by the agitating of cream or milk
  • Chump- A susceptible person or a victim.
  • A stupid person or a blockhead
  • Chuff- To generate or shift with loud puffing and explosive noises
  • Churl- 
  • A rude, uncivilized person.
  • A despicable person.

More Five Letter Words That Start With Chu

  • Chute- An inclined trench, path, or funnel through or down which items may pass.
  • A slim, mostly fenced hallway for steeds and cattle.
  • A linear expansion of one angle of an oval racing track, operated to start specific lengthy races so that the final line can be kept on the straightaway in the guise of shelves clubhouse.
  • Churr- The harsh whirring/trilling sound by insects or birds, like the grasshopper makes a sharp whirring sound.
  • Chufa- A sedge sometimes developed for its edible tubers like a nut and often arising as a weed.

Additional Words That Start With Chu

  • Chugs- A faint fierce sound; repeated for a short while, made by/as if by a laborious working of the motor.
  • To make dull erratic volumes.
  • To travel while creating dull and explosive noises.
  • Chubs- 1. Any of numerous usually heavy body
  • Freshwater fishes.
  • Chums- an intimate friend who supports his pals in their recreations
  • A trap containing chopped fish or fish oils that are tossed overboard to lure fishes
  • A large Pacific fish: salmon with tiny spots on its tail; a significant diet fish.

Final Verdict

Five Letter Words That Start With Chu have been researched and covered in this article. The words that end with specific characters bring you a lot of trouble while playing word games. Knowing them makes you stand out from the crowd.

Do you learn new words daily? If yes, let us know the new words you came across today.

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