Fitcoach App Reviews {May} Explore Customer Opinions!

Users of the Fitcoach App wanted to know if it is safe to use the app. Therefore, after reading Fitcoach App Reviews, you will get a clear idea of it. 

Fitcoach App Reviews- read reviews before using the app!

Do you live an active or sedentary lifestyle? What do you do to stay fit in your busy schedule? Are you also a fitness freak? We become lazy and want some motivation to start most of the time again. So, do you feel you need a fitness App? 

Have you searched any fitness app on google? Do you want to know about one such fitness app called Fitcoach? People across the United Kingdom and the United States are looking for Fitcoach App Reviews; let us talk about it here!

Check some reviews of this app:

The App Fitcoach has both positive and negative reviews, but negative reviews overweighted positive ones. So, see some of the reviews and what its users have to say:

One user has to say terrible and worst customer service this app has. Moreover, some users want to give a negative star if possible as they have a problem with their subscription. The user on Google and Trustpilot also gave negative feedback saying the app is totally a scam.

What is Fitcoach App?

Fitcoach App Reviews showed the negative side of the app, but if you do not know what the app is about, let us discuss it here.

The app is all about staying active, staying fit, losing weight, and implementing it into daily life. They have 30 days plan to effectively adjust your diet and workout in the comfort of home. The app is designed in a way where you have to set your own goals, and the app will generate a personalized plan to get maximize your result.

Moreover, the app integrates with HealthKit to lose weight faster, step counter, yoga classes, and fat-burning workouts to lose fat and stay active.

Fitcoach App Reviews- is it safe to use the app?

The app has got 4.7 stars from 34.3k ratings on Appstore, 3.5 stars based on 72k users’ reviews on Play Store, and 2.3 ratings on Trustpilot. No doubt the app is safe to use, but it also depends on whether you get the promised result within the stipulated time.

Most of the users are not satisfied with its result and thus said the app is doing wrong advertising for promotion and it’s a scam. But those who love using the app and are satisfied with their fitness goal give positive Fitcoach App Reviews. So, we cannot say if the claim made for the app as a scam is valid or not.


Health, fitness, well-being, and mental wellness are part of an active lifestyle. So, those who want to stay fit and lose weight can introduce activities like cycling, walking, yoga, and more. Nowadays, many apps like Fitcoach App are available that you can take inspiration from. As per its negative reviews, we are not recommending it.

What was your experience with the Fitcoach App? Please write Fitcoach App Reviews here in the comment section below.

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