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Fitbit Luxe Reviews {Oct 2021} Check If It Is Legit?

This article is the wide-ranging reliabilities on legitimacy and insight knowledge of Fitbit Luxe Reviews.

Following a healthy lifestyle has become the most powerful weapon to enhance yourself in your career and life.  Are you the one who is very conscious about your health? Are you searching for an appropriate fit band that will also glory with some style? If your answer is yes, then you must look into Fitbit Luxe Reviews.

This product gained enormous attraction in the United States. Let us analyze and understand its legitimacy. Continue Reading to gain some genuine information on this product.

What is Fitbit?

Fitbit is an e-commerce portal founded by Eric and James. They realized the importance of wireless and sensing objects in health and fitness. This novel and advanced technology exposed them to the path to achieving the wearable product that estimates your health and notifies you. Their products include watches, trackers, and accessories.

Features of the Product.

Let us go through some prominent features of Is Fitbit Luxe Legit.

  • This matches any outfit with its elegant Jewellery design.
  • It has a vibrant AMOLED colour.
  • Following are some features to monitor health and fitness.
  • Heart rate monitored 24/7
  • 20 exercise mode
  • Water resistance. Hence, you can track your swimming activity.
  • Menstrual tracking

Following are some features to monitor sleep and wellness

  • Sleeping habit
  • Breathing guidance
  • Stress management tools
  • Skin temperature variations
  • Sleep score
  • Variability of heart.

Following are luxury features

  • 5 Day Battery
  • Stopwatch and timer
  • Call, Text, notification
  • Sleep mode and alarm


Below are some specifications of Fitbit Luxe Reviews.

  • Dimension: Length-36.30mm; Width-17.62mm; Height-10.05mm
  • Band size- Small: Fit wrist 140mm-180mm in circumference.
  • Band size- Large: Fits Wrist 180mm-220mm in circumference
  • Operating Temperatures-200C to 450C
  • Water Resistance: 50mm
  • Memory: saves seven days of motion data,30days daily totals, Heart rate data with 1secs interval, and during physical activity like running with 5sec interval.
  • Sensors: Red sensors and infrared sensors for SpO2monitoring. Vibration motor and optical heart rate monitoring sensor. 3-axis accelerometer sensor.
  • The Battery type is Lithium polymer with a charge time of 2hrs and lasts for 5days.
  • Bluetooth connectivity is available.
  • Cost: $149.95

How to Use Fitbit Luxe Reviews.?

  • This product is a wearable tracker on the wrist. Its design is jewelery that showcases any outfit.
  • It is a comfort watch and a tracker which can be worn during sleep without any disturbance due to its unique band design.
  • This tracker has an adjustable band that is adjusted to fit the wrist of the customer.

What is inside the box?

This product includes Fitbit Luxe, Classic band small and large, and a charging cable inside the box.

Additionally, in its Special edition, it includes Fit Luxe. Soft Gold Stainless Steel Parker Link Bracelet, Peony Classic band small and large, and a Charging Cable.

Fitbit Luxe Reviews is explained below. However, before going through it, let us look at some pros and cons of this product.

Positive facts:

  • It started after connecting with an App.
  • It can track some activities automatically.
  • The unique feature is to monitor breathing while sleeping and variability of Heart.
  • Touch screen facility
  • It is slim and has jewelery like appearance.
  • It has a warranty of 1year.

Negative Facts

The only negative fact that we noticed while reviewing this product is it has no GPS connectivity installed in this tracker wristband. If you are not concerned about GPS, you can go ahead and give it a try.

Is Fitbit Luxe Legit.

Many fit bands are available in the market with various features. The price of this product depends on the cost and features that are available. Let us take an in-depth look for highlighting the legitimacy of the product.

  • It is available on the brand website.
  • It also can be purchased in some of the branded e-commerce portals like amazon.
  • It is provided with a 1year warranty.

Customer reviews

Many happy customers provided positive reviews for this product. Some customer reviews are –

  • “It is very easy to use, and easy to carry on wrist.”
  • “It helps to keep us healthy, as making us to show health tracking.”

 Final Thought

After studying Fitbit Luxe Reviews, we recommend you to give it a try and explore more of the innovative ideas of Fitbit Luxe. You can also buy various versions of this product on its website. The Fitbit brand had gathered enormous fame in the United States.

Comment below about your thoughts on health improvement using the fitness band. 

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