Fisioterapia Masajes Isakfisio (Aug) All Details Inside

Fisioterapia Masajes Isakfisio (Aug) All Details Inside >> Read on about this physiotherapy center and the services customers can expect from them.

With changing time, the nature of our work has changed significantly. We got confined to our computer and phone screens for every job, which took a toll on our bodies. Therefore, it is not a shocker because the complaints of body pain are increasing among people Worldwide. 

So, if you are suffering from physical discomfort or stiffness and pain in certain body parts, then physiotherapy and an expert massage are what you need. One of the centers, trending online for their services in physiotherapy is Fisioterapia Masajes Isakfisio which translates to Physiotherapy Massage ISAKFISIO. 

So, without waiting much, let’s dive in. 

What is Physiotherapy Massage ISAKFISIO?

Isaac Estrada Noriega started the Center to provide people Worldwide physiotherapy according to their needs. He was born in 1995 (Ecuador) and completed his education to get a degree in Physical Therapy from Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador. 

He has experience working as an intern in the ESPE and has worked with men’s and women’s soccer teams. He has also worked in Ruta de las Iglesias race.

The name of the Center, Physiotherapy Massage ISAKFISIO, is originally in Spanish Fisioterapia Masajes Isakfisio. Currently, due to the pandemic, he is providing his therapies at home.  

Services provided by the Center  

The Center specializes in Physiotherapy, with the owner having trained in the subject. Physiotherapy is a non-pharmacological therapy that aims to decrease the symptoms of the disease. The mechanics of physiotherapy usually surround massage; however, not restricted to that. 

Other than simple massages, another service provided by the Center is Rehabilitate Massage. It is a type of massage that focuses on pain-relieving. The massage includes gentle and shallow pressures to the pain area of the body. 

Fisioterapia Masajes Isakfisio is also known for giving services as a yoga instructor and chiropractor. For people who are not aware of what is a chiropractor, don’t worry. The chiropractor is a therapist that specializes in the treatment of neuromuscular disorders. The chiropractor will help to relieve pain and any other problem by manually adjusting the spine. It is very tricky work and requires immense training. 

Other than this, the Center also acclaims to provide global postural reprogramming, and also provides Dermatofunctional Rehabilitation, in which the treatment involves treating the whole skin. 

Reviews on Fisioterapia Masajes Isakfisio

The reviews for the Center are plenty on the official website and google. The Center has good reception among the people who have availed their services. The customers mentioned how they felt relieved and how the music and ambience of the place were soothing too. 

People were recommending the services and products of the Center in their reviews. People also raved about the professionalism and the competence of all the service providers present in the Center. 

The Final Thoughts

From all the reviews gathered, it is pretty clear that this Center is dedicated and focuses on providing their customers with the best services. Fisioterapia Masajes Isakfisio has many options, which makes it a promising upcoming institute in physiotherapy. 

However, any interested individual should do their research before availing of their services and may read the reviews here.

What are your thoughts on the center and its therapies? We would love to hear your thoughts; please tell us in the comments section below. 

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