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Fish Game Juego Del Calamar (Sep) How To Play The Game?

Gaming Tips Fish Game Juego Del Calamar

The guide shares details about the new Fish Game Juego Del Calamar, creating a buzz amongst Roblox gamers.

Squid Game is the new Korean TV show on Netflix where the players compete to complete deadly games and win cash prizes. With inspiration from the show, different squid games were launched on the Roblox platform. 

Fish Game is the newly launched squid game on the platform. It is Netflix’s show-inspired squid game with a twist to the classic game. It is a game about red and green lights that are showcased in a challenging way. 

There are rewards for completing the levels, which attracts Worldwide players to Fish Game Juego Del Calamar.        

What is Fish Game on Roblox?

Fish Game is the new Netflix show-inspired squid game launched on the Roblox platform for Worldwide squid gamers. The official website of the game confirms that GoodJuju is the developer of the game. 

The game was newly launched and created on 23rd Sept 2021, and it has over 52 775 active gamers on the platform. The game is about red and green lights that are depicted in a challenging way. Players have to complete all the levels in the game for rewards. 

The gameplay is quite interesting that keeps the gamers engaged in the game. The game is based on Netflix show Squid Game. 

How to Start Playing Fish Game Juego Del Calamar?

Fish Game is another squid game getting quite popular on the platform. The game is quite different but features green and red light like other squid games on Roblox. There are no creepy music and on-screen prompts. 

  • To start playing, players have to check the timer on the wall that lets you know when the next game will start.
  • Stand within the purple circle, and when the timer runs out, you will be redirected to the play zone to start playing Fish Game Juego Del Calamar.
  • Players have to start racing to reach the other end of the screen and stop when the light turns red and continue moving again when it turns green.
  • If movement is detected when the light is red, players get eliminated from the game.   

What are the Rules to Play Fish Game?

Playing the fish game on Roblox is not challenging, especially if you know the gaming rules. Below is the step-by-step guide on how to play the Fish Game Juego Del Calamar.

  • Enter the lobby and wait until the timer runs out
  • As the timer runs out, you get teleported to the gaming zone or play area.
  • You have to aid your character to move faster than others to reach the other end of the screen.
  • There are red and green lights, and when it turns red, players have to wait, and when it turns green, players have to continue moving. 
  • The players need to move faster to reach the other end, and any movement detected when lights are red gets eliminated, and the game starts again. 


Fish Game Juego Del Calamar is getting popular among Roblox fans because of its exciting gameplay and rewards. It is the game where vigilance and attention are needed to watch the red and green lights while moving. 

So, play the game today for more excitement on Roblox. If you are already playing the Fish Game, please share your views and opinions in the comments section.

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