First Successful Kidney Transplant 1950 (July) Know More

First Successful Kidney Transplant 1950 (July) Know More >> The article talks about organ donation along with elaborating its history. Please check the full details here.  

Do you know which was the first organ that was transplanted? Furthermore, are you aware of when did the first organ transplant take place? Well, the very first transplant to have ever taken place successfully was on a woman from Chicago, United States, in the year 1950. She received a Kidney Transplant.

With people worldwide and the United Kingdom browsing on the internet to know about when the First Successful Kidney Transplant 1950 occur, this article will present you with complete knowledge. For that, you must read it till the end without skipping any section. Let’s look further.

When was the First Transplant performed?

Organ transplants happen to be tricky then. Apart from matching the blood group, the body should also accept the organ. However, the first organ transplanted was Kidney, which was performed on a patient Ruth Tucker who was 49 years old and suffering from Polycystic Kidney Disease, also known as PKD.

The First Successful Kidney Transplant 1950 was performed on 17 June 1950 at the Little Company of Mary Hospital, which is located in Illinois, Chicago.

What had Happened to the Patient?

The kidney transplant was performed on a patient named Ruth Tucker who was 49 years old. She was suffering from a kidney condition called Polycystic Kidney Disease, which made her kidneys function only 10%. 

It was a hereditary disorder wherein even her mother and sister had died due to the same condition. Thus, recouping the patient was the only option through a transplant as dialysis was still not available everywhere.

First Successful Kidney Transplant 1950 – How was It Conducted?

After Ruth Tucker’s Kidney stopped functioning well, she opted for going for a transplant. She waited for five weeks in the hospital to find a suitable donor. Then, at last, she received from a patient who was pronounced dead due to cirrhosis in the liver.

Why was It a Historical Event?

Back in the 1950s, the medical field had not advanced to the extent of now. For example, it pre-dated the era of immunosuppressive agents and tissue typing. Besides, organ selection was broadly based on gender, blood type, age and physical size.

Thus, the First Successful Kidney Transplant 1950 was marked in history as an event that presented a new trajectory to the medical field.

Closing Thoughts

Dr Richard Lawler, MD, performed the transplant. Although Tucker’s body rejected the new Kidney removed after ten months, the transplant that functioned for over 60 days did help restore the normal functioning of Tucker’s other Kidney. 

Thus, the transplant was completely successful. Thus, 17 June 2021 marked the 71st year after the First Successful Kidney Transplant 1950.

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