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The article describes the tax extension and File Free Tax Extension 2022. Know all about the extension tax period.

Have you filed your 2021 tax? Require more days to arrange your federal tax return? ?  A file extension is a six-month extension to pay your taxes. There is a deadline for tax filing. Payers who need more time to pay their taxes can request a file extension. People from countries like the United States can request an extension to file. 

Know all details about the File Free Tax Extension 2022.

File free extension

If you need more days to prepare for filing your tax return, you need to apply for a file extension. An individual taxpayer can request a tax-filing extension automatically through “Free File” electronically. Filling the form extends the file return until 15 October. 

The IRS free file is free for federal return. It allows you to file and prepare online federal income tax. For extension, you need to pay any due amount and estimate the tax liability in the form and  create an account on Free File’s website and file form 4868.

File for Tax Extension 2022

Payers can only file an extension before 18 April 2022 otherwise, they must fill penalty or interest. The tax date to file the return was 18 April, but for Massachusetts and Maine, the date is 19 April because of the Patriots day holiday. The extension requests filed after 18 April electronically will not be processed.

The residents and citizens of the United States file this form to extend the time for income tax returns automatically. It should be noted that an extension to file the tax return does not provide a time extension to pay taxes. To avoid the penalties, you must estimate and pay the taxes before the deadline.

File Tax Extension 2022 Online

Some ways will help you to understand the filed tax extension process. Payers have to do one of the following:-

You can file form 4868 or use the IRS Free File on the IRS official government site through IRS tax professional software. Any resident irrespective of income, can use Free File to request an electronic automatic tax file extension.

You can submit the electronic payment through the Electronic payment system Federal Tax,  direct pay. You can also use a digital wallet, credit card or debit card. Select extension or form 4868 for the payment type. For File Free Tax Extension 2022, payers are not required to file the 4868 form and indicate it for extension during an electronic payment. The IRS will automatically do that.


The payers can only extend the tax return before 18 April 2022. It would be best to pay the tax by the deadline; otherwise, individuals have to face penalties and interest with their payment. Now you can extend the tax return with the mentioned websites that are part of the IRS. You can visit this link to know more about tax extension.   

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