{Uncensored} Fight On No Jumper Podcast: Is The Adam 22 Fight Video Accessible Which Went Viral On Twitter Reddit, Telegram & Tiktok Media?

In the article, we will talk about the Fight On No Jumper Podcast controversy. Get every detail in this article.

Have you seen the recent controversy between Suspect and Kelly? Why did they fight during the podcast? The recent controversy on the No jumper podcast was the giant shockwave on the Adam22 podcast channel. The disgusting fight between the two singers became an amusement scenario for netizens.  

People from the United States share clips of the fight on social media handles. However, it also became a part of the meme community, and multiple trending memes went viral in the podcast. To get all the information about Fight On No Jumper Podcast, stay connected and read all the information carefully.

What Went Wrong?

Last week on the No Jumper podcast, Adam interviewed Suspect and Kelly. The conversation started with a soft debate, but later it turned out brutal. The two superstars start competing with each other and start insulting and demeaning their work. Arguments became so brutal that they gave fist punches to each other.

The video is uploaded on the official channel of No Jumpers, where you can see the blur clip of the fight. As we can see, they had arguments about each other’s lifestyles and earnings. Watching this disrespect between the artists set a terrible example to the public.

Adam 22 Fight Video Viral On Twitter 

Adam John Grandmaison’s interview on No Jumpers. The YouTube channel of No Jumpers has more than 4.4 million subscribers. The video is available on the official YouTube channel, but the video went viral through Twitter. Lots of people were unaware of the fighting controversy between two superstar singers.

During a podcast, people saw the feeds and videos on Twitter about the recent fighting controversy. People wanted to dig out details of the fight, and they were looking to get exact information about why they fought. 

Due to miscommunication and disagreement on various topics, Suspect gave out blows on Lil Kelpy. Many people also couldn’t reach out to the video share on TikTok because of the privacy policy and ban. 

Who is Lil Kelpy?

Lil Kelpy is an American singer and rapper. He became very successful at a very young age and started competing with many other top Singers and rappers. You can find Lil Kelpy’s details in his bio table.

Full Name Lil Kelpy 
Date of birth Not available but he was born in 2003 according to his age
Place of birth Orange County, California, United States
Profession Rapper singer, social media influencer, content creator, and YouTuber
Age 19 years
Family Information unavailable
Instagram followers 4.3k followers
Recent controversy Got in fistfight with Suspect during No Jumpers Podcast
Net worth Around 500K USD

Reddit report 


Reddit report 

When people saw this brutal fight between the two Singers and the Hollywood community, people condemned this behaviour on public platforms. However, it got mass attention on the Reddit pages and public comments. 

People share massive comments on the behaviour and acts of professional singers towards each other. Multiple jealous Memes are going viral on Reddit feeds.

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Wrapping up!

The last podcast on Adam 22 channel, No Jumpers, brought a fierce fight between Suspect and Lil Kelpy. Both the singers got in a fistfight during the podcast, which went viral through many social handles.

Do you think what Suspect did was right? Share your opinion in the comment section. Additionally, watch the video of the bra between the two superstars from this YouTube link 

Fight On No Jumper Podcast: FAQs

Q.1 What is the age of Lil Kelpy?

As per the information, Lil Kelpy is 19 years old.

Q.2 Who was the host of the podcast?

Adam John was the host of the show. He was popular with the name Adam22.

Q.3 Do official videos are uploaded on the No Jumpers YouTube channel?

Yes, official videos are available on the YouTube channel of no jumpers, but the editors censored the fight.

Q.4 Who gave the first blow to whom?

The Suspect initiates the fistfight with young kid Kelpy. 

Q.5 What is the full name of the Suspect?

The Suspect is known by the name Almighty Suspect.

Q.6 Where were these videos uploaded?

People uploaded the video on many social platforms, including YouTube, Twitter and Telegram.

Q.7 What is the Profession of the Suspect?

Almighty Suspect is also a professional singer, rapper and artist.

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