Fidgettoysplus Com Reviews (Aug) Is This Website Legit?

Fidgettoysplus Com Reviews (Aug) Is This Website Legit? >> Read through the details of this website for toys and decide if it is what you were looking for to buy playthings for your children.

Early childhood is a budding year of any child’s life. It is the phase of life where the child’s personality develops with their perspective of the world. Hence it is the phase when parental engagement is much needed. 

But as the world is running on the wheels of progression, it becomes impossible for parents to be as engaged with their children as previously. However, there are also limitations to engagement without toys. Therefore, the toys makers of the world, specifically the United States, are inventing toys that engage the sensory aspects of the child and intellect. 

So let’s see how this initiative is flourishing and what Fidgettoysplus com Reviews are

What is Fidgettoysplus com?

The world, and the United States people, went crazy when the market first introduced them to fidget toys. Rightfully so, because according to Fidgettoysplus com, a fidget toy can help the child improve learning and help decrease anxiety and stress. It would also help the child to improve their fine motor skills and will them engaged.

Unfortunately, there is not much about the platform’s creator or information mentioned on the official page. There are also a selection of quiet fidget toys that children can use in different settings where they have to be discreet.

But to know Is Fidgettoysplus com Legit information like this are not enough. 

Particulars of the Website

  • The domain age of the website is found to be ten months and seven days. (2nd October, 2020)
  • The official URL of the website is
  • The category in which this website falls is Toy shopping. 
  • The website has mentioned an email address for their customer to contact in case of a query, 
  •  The website address is not mentioned on the website, and also there is no mention of any contact number. 
  • There are plenty of selection for payment methods for the customers found by this Fidgettoysplus com Reviews, such as AMEX, Discover, Google pay, Mastercard, Venmo, Visa, ShopPay etc. 
  • There is no refund, exchange and returns done for the items purchased on this website. 
  • The orders are shipped from Monday – Friday, and there are shipping charges for international customers. 
  • The social media icon present for the website is Instagram, but the website has Facebook more.

Benefits of the Website 

  • The website has a good range of selection of toys. 
  • The website has multiple payment options. 
  • The website also has positive reviews online. 

Drawbacks of the Website

  • No information about the creator of the website 
  • Shipping charges 
  • No refunds or returns accepted. 

Is Fidgettoysplus com Legit?

  • The website’s domain age is ten months, seven days, as it is registered on October 2, 2020, and would expire by October 2, 2021. 
  • We found the trust score of the website to be poor, which is 5%. 
  • The website’s trust rank is 21.4 out of 100 with tags such as Suspicious, Unsafe and Doubtful. 
  • There are positive reviews on Facebook and Trustpilot for the website and its products. 
  • The website has not done much in terms of written content, but the content present is plagiarized.
  • The Fidgettoysplus com Reviews found that the website lacks return, refund and exchange policies. 
  • The website did not mention the address, and the social media presence is not strong on Instagram, whereas Facebook is active. 
  • The owner’s information is absent. 
  • The products are at extremely affordable prices.  

Therefore the above points are mostly suspicious and raise the question about the legitimacy of the website.

Customers’ Reviews

The customer review is the backbone of any establishment, and Fidgettoysplus com is not any different. While digging into the website, we found that even though the official website lacked Fidgettoysplus com Reviews.

But the other platforms such as Facebook and Trustpilot have pretty good reviews about the website’s products. The customers are satisfied with the product and the website’s customer services. If you are interested to know about credit card scams, then read here. 

Wrapping It All

To conclude our thoughts on the website, we would say that, the website is not more than a year and the trust score for the website is also low. However, the reviews about the website are positive. The buyers are raving about the products and packaging of the products. But having said that, Fidgettoysplus com Reviews would suggest readers be mindful of their decision by doing their research and read all the previous buyers’ reviews. Do you want to learn about PayPal scams? Read here. 

Did you shop from this website yet? Would you please share your experience with us in the comments section?

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