Ffxiv Lobby Error 2002 {Dec} Find All Fixing Methods!

This article describes the technical issues online gamers face while playing a popular multiplayer game and its solution. Read on Ffxiv Lobby Error 2002.

Have you witnessed any glitches while playing a famous online multiplayer game? If yes, read this article completely to understand all the relevant information related to this hot topic discussed among the players of the online gaming community.

Gamers and gaming content creators from Canada, United States, and United Kingdom are highly disappointed and frustrated by a significant technical issue that disrupted the online gaming experience for an extended period. Keep reading to know more on Ffxiv Lobby Error 2002.

About Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV is a kind of online multiplayer game based on role-playing.  Nobuaki Komoto and Naoki Yoshida designed the game. The artists behind the iconic gaming characters present in this game are Takeo Suzuki, Hiroshi Minagawa, and Akihiko Yoshida. This game was published and developed by Square Enix.

Final Fantasy XIV made a worldwide release for PlayStation3 and Microsoft Windows in August 2013. The multiplayer facility with high graphic features attracted more new gamers. The platforms available for Final Fantasy XIV are Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and macOS.

Ffxiv Lobby Error 2002

  • Final Fantasy XIV players often faced technical issues while playing the game. These glitches occurred frequently regardless of the software or device used.
  • The primary issue faced by the game developers is the massive number of players engaging in multiplayer gaming. This traffic causes the overloading of servers resulting in connectivity-related errors.
  • The popularity increased rapidly after the release of the Endwalker expansion. The traffic rush into the server made several connectivity issues disconnecting the gaming access to thousands of online gamers.
  • The server issue made many gamers wait for a more extended period for gaming entry access.

How to Fix the Error?

  • To fix Ffxiv Lobby Error 2002, the primary methods include restarting the router. This method helps to reconnect with the server more effectively than before.
  • Another method is to change the DNS address. To change the DNS address, the Windows users need to go to the Control panel, select Network, and Internet, choose Network and Sharing Center, and change adapter settings.
  • Try using other data connections to rule out the issue from the user’s internet service provider.
  • If all the steps mentioned above fail, restart the game and try again. Keep reading to know more on Ffxiv Lobby Error 2002.
  • Avoid logins during the peak internet usage times as more gamers get connected to the gaming system during that period resulting in the overload of gaming servers.
  • Finally, raise a support ticket to the developers mentioning the issues faced and attach a screenshot of the error message for further proceedings from their end.


These frequent technical issues occurring are frustrating for gamers. Facing gaming errors and other glitches badly affects the game’s progress and tests the gamer’s patience. To know more on this topic, please visit.  Have you faced any gaming errors similar to Ffxiv Lobby Error 2002? If yes, please comment below.

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