Festival Present Scam {Dec} Curious, Read Details Here!

This article focuses on the information and the methodology that the Festival Present Scam had conducted.

Are you the person searching for a present this Christmas? It is the festive season in the United States. Christmas is a gift-sharing festival where people are crazy in the market to choose the best one. However, due to the spread of Covid-19, consumers prefer to shop using an e-commerce website. 

This virtual platform is convenient for many of us in today’s circumstances. Therefore, cybercrime is increasing by taking advantage of this scenario. Consumers are falling prey to these Festival Present ScamLet us glance further.

Why is e-commerce platform a huge risk?

In today’s situation, people have become addicted to purchasing all their required products from their homes and sitting on their couches. Just one tap on the website can bring home the product. However, we need to be alert before your account is linked to any websites. 

Point to remember:

  • It is necessary to learn about the authentication of the site and its legitimacy before investing.
  • Do not scan any QR codes before verifying the website.

Let us glance through a few scams updated nearly.

Some of the Festival Present Scam. 

Christmas is coming soon. Many of us purchase varied gifts for our dear ones. We would like; to notify you of a few scams conducted during festival seasons.

  • Free Gift card: You may get a fake link to hack your account through mail or card. So be alert and do not click on any links or scan any code.
  • Sale offer scam: Sales offers branded products with the least price on their website. It is suspicious and attracts customers. Hence, the customer gets duped.

Let us take a look to understand how the scammers approach you for the Festival Present Scam.

The path that scammers use for approaching customers.

Scammers had become more sophisticated and intelligent. They approach their customers in different ways. It could be through text messages, phone calls, chats, and even directly messing on the social platform. 

The pop-up in your windows may also lead to a scam page. Corporate email might also urge you towards their attractive ads. They might mail you in such a way that your boss had gifted you a card as an employee gift. 

However, do you know the reason behind the upsurge of the Festival Present Scam?

Why is it trending these days?

The festive season is when people are attracted to purchase several items for their loved ones. During the covid crisis, people did not prefer to go out and get their necessary product. Hence, many consumers rely on the virtual platform to avail their needs. So, scammers are smart enough to use this situation and dupe many customers. Be alert and safe before investing and linking your details.

Final Verdict

This article had put the limelight on scams during the festive season. We hope you have gathered much knowledge about the Festival Present Scam. Do not hesitate to share your thoughts and experience (if any) in the comment section below. Do you want the latest update on the online scammers? Follow this link for scam alert 

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