Fenlita Reviews {Sep} Is This A Legit Website Or Not?

This article holds legit Fenlita Reviews about the website that deals in bestsellers books.  

Would you like to know the reality of the Fenlita store? In this era, people are running behind gadgets and technology for all the solutions and problems. However, according to recent research by United States professionals, most successful personalities still believe in the power of books as it prepares you to deal with all the challenges you will face. 

Moreover, there are multiple online websites presented on the internet that solely deals in books, so to find out in detail about one of such online sites, then keep reading these Fenlita Reviews.

More information about Fenlita

Fenlita is an online bookstore that originated in the U.S. The website deals in educational and bestseller author’s books of different genres, including world politics, world music, literature, writing science, chemistry etc. In addition, per the site about us page, the website uses the earn profits to fund the library and contributes to solving the problem of illiteracy. 

Besides that, we have had countless doubts related to this portal as none of the specified products were found clickable, there are no prices specified, and the product description is also missing. Thus, altogether everything is raising doubt. Is Fenlita Legit a scam site?

What are the features of Fenlita?

  • Official links – https://fenlita.com
  • Products- Books 
  • Customer care number-not specified 
  • Physical address- 223 East Howard Street, Sedalia, Missouri 65301, United States
  • Email address-  support@fenlita.com
  • Transportation charges- Not Mentioned 
  • Exchange and Return policy- shipment takes 7-14 working days 
  • Refund policy- 30 days for replacement or refund 
  • Newsletters- Not specified 
  • Social media connections- Not available 
  • Payment methods- Visa, Discover, American Express, JCB, and MasterCard 
  • Shipping period-2-4 weeks 
  • Domain establishment date- 15/10/2021

Indeed, shopper’s Fenlita Reviews are a must to go through to find out the validity of the portal.

The benefits of shopping from Fenlita

  • If you need to connect with the website, you can directly email it or post it on its official address.
  • The return and exchange are available for 7-14 working days.

The drawbacks of shopping from Fenlita

  • The ratings and reviews are unavailable on all the portals.
  • The website does not exist on any of the social media platforms.
  • No product is clickable and the prices are also not provided under any items. 

Is Fenlita Legit?

In this era, it is challenging to trust any random online portal as countless scamming sites are presented on the network. These fraud sites look similar to any legit portals since they steal the data and impersonate the authentic portals’ user interface to perform their illegal motives. Therefore, interested shoppers are advised to research well before selecting any portal for their final shopping destination. 

In addition, we have mentioned all the relevant check pointers that one is required to verify before placing their orders on this portal. 

  • Domain launch date- the website’s domain was invested on 15/10/2021; hence, the domain has more than 6 months of experience. 
  • Shopper’s reviews- No shopper’s Fenlita Reviews are posted anywhere over the network. 
  • Social media links- On the site’s footer page, no social media icons are available. 
  • Date of Domain expiration – The portal’s domain will expire after 15/10/2022; hence there are only a few months lefts. 
  • Address originality- The mentioned company address is relatively invalid as the same address is published on multiple fraud sites. 
  • Impersonated content – The entire site’s content appears weak and plagiarized as no product description is published on the site, and the specified data is copied. 
  • Trust index score- The website has gained a low trust score that is 1% only. 

Shopper’s Fenlita Reviews

The analysis found that the site has not obtained any reviews from customers. In addition, no feedback is published on online feedback pages like Trustpilot, nor any useful information is published on the official portal. Thus, the site failed to gather customer ratings and feedback information. Read here the methods of recovering the lost money via paypal.


In wrapping up, we found that this online book store is not popular in this ecommerce world. Moreover, the website is recently established and has an impersonated user interface; prospective buyers are suggested to read these Fenlita Reviews thoroughly if you still have some interest in this portal. Consequently, the website is highly suspicious, and people should avoid visiting this e-store. If you have lost your money via credit card, then know here.

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