Federal Reserve Meeting July 2022: Check Schedule

We have discussed important aspects of the Federal Reserve Meeting July 2022 and what experts have to say about the possible results from this meeting.

Are you looking to the next Federal Reserve meeting? Do you know the scheduled dates of the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting in 2022? Do you also want to know what economists have to say about the forthcoming meeting? 

Experts from the United States and India continuously focus on the US Federal Reserve meeting commencing Tuesday and ending on Wednesday. Let us read Federal Reserve Meeting July 2022 post and know what the expected outcome from the meeting is?

When is the meeting?

In 2022 the meeting schedule dates are:

  • January 25-26
  • March 15-16
  • May 3-4
  • June 14-15
  • July 26-27
  • September 20-21
  • November 1-2
  • December 13-14

FOMC every year schedules eight meetings where they do economic forecasts. The meeting is vital from the economic point of view, and forecasts decide how the economy will move ahead. For example, a rate increase implies slow economic growth as there will be increased costs on everything.

In contrast, if rates are lowered, it means more money in the market, and hence economy boosts. Therefore, among Fed Meeting Schedule 2022, experts are continuously monitoring and waiting for the outcome of this month’s two-day meeting.

What point should people note here is due to the zero rate of interest during the Covid 19 pandemic, Fed stated that the rate would be high throughout 2022. This step will be done in order to control inflation.

What do experts have to say about this meeting?

Most economists have to say that FOMC will probably raise interest rates by 75 basis points. However, some analysts believe there will be rate cuts as the economy is too weak to handle higher rates. 

Expectations from Federal Reserve Meeting July 2022:

According to various news reporting, Federal Reserve is likely to hike interest rates by 0.75% points in this month’s meeting. However, Christopher Waller, Fed governor, also signalled that the bank would give the same interest change as the previous month. Lawrence Summers, Former Treasury Secretary, said a 75 or 100 basis point move would be appropriate.

Moreover, Jerome Powell, Fed Chair, says that the country’s economy is far from a recession. But in reality, the opinion is divided. Joe Biden also stated on Monday, a day ahead of the Federal Reserve Meeting July 2022, that he does not expect an economic slowdown in the country, despite the fact that GDP data anticipated later this week may show the economy contracting for the second straight quarter.

What was the result of the June 2022 meeting?

In the FOMC’s fourth meeting that was held in June, the Fed decided to raise the fund rates by 75basis points, the largest rise since 1994. They have mentioned various interrelated factors for this, including the Covid-19 pandemic, rising prices, the situation, etc.


All are eagerly waiting for the Federal Reserve Meeting July 2022. The meeting will conclude tomorrow, and let us wait to see the impact of the outcomes of the decision of this meeting. Meanwhile, you can read the summaries of the previous meetings of FOMC here

What is your expectation from the meeting? Do not forget to mention about Federal Reserve Meeting in the comment section.

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