Eyemyeye Reviews {March 2022} Is It an Authentic Website?

This article mainly provides unbiased facts, and it investigates the legitimacy of Eyemyeye Reviews.

Is it true that you are searching for an ecommerce website where you can buy sunglasses at an attractive cost? Want to wear sunglasses to reduce the effect of the sun’s ultraviolet rays? While you start searching for this website, you coincidentally found this Eyemyeye website, right? Before you buy any glasses from this website, you need to know that this website is a scam or a legit website where you can buy sunglasses.

This website starts its operation in India and many other countries across the globe. This article helps you to guide the legitimacy of this website through Eyemyeye Reviews.

What is the Eyemyeye website?

It is an ecommerce website that mainly sells sunglasses of various ranges so that everyone can buy sunglasses from this website. You can easily find photos of the sunglasses you want to buy for your eye protection on this website. Eyemyeye also has a unique collection of 400 pulse branded eye wears, and buyers will eventually like their collections. They also provide home delivery service to the customers, and they also provide huge discounts. So, now a question has emerged from our mind about this website: Is Eyemyeye Legit?

Specification of this website:

  • Domain age: This website has been active from 15th April 2021, and its domain age is also less than a year.
  • URL Link: https://www.eyemyeye.com
  • Type of this Website: It is an ecommerce website, and they mainly sell sunglasses, and they also have a unique collection of sunglasses.
  • Official email I.D: Customer support mail id has been provided (support@eyemyeye.com)
  • Office Address: (A-8, Infocity- 1, Sector 34, Gurugram – 122001, Haryana)
  • Contact Number: The contact number has been provided (0124-6101010)
  • Social Media Presence: Yes, they have social media handles.

Now, in this Eyemyeye Reviews section, we need to find out about their policies.

  • Return policies: Yes, they will accept your product within seven days of purchase.
  • Refund Policy: Yes, they accept a return policy within seven days. But they don’t accept if the product has been sent via speed post.
  • Exchange policy; Yes, you can exchange your products like sunglasses, contact lenses, or other eyewear within 5 to 10 working days.
  • Shipping policy: Yes, they provide the shipping policy
  • Delivery policy: Yes, they deliver products within 2 to 4 working days. It depends on the item.
  • Convenience Fee: Yes, they took a convenience fee of up to 250 rupees.

In the Eyemyeye Reviews article, we need to know about the PROS and CONS section in detail.


  • All of the important information has been uploaded to their website. Those important pieces of information are its shipping policies, refund policies and return policies.
  • They mainly sell unique sunglasses at an attractive cost for both men and women.
  • The product of this website is simply affordable because they provide massive discounts.
  • They also have a well-optimized User Interface, which is very easy for anyone to easily operate this website.


  • They don’t provide any warranty services for their products
  • This website also shares private data with other service providers.
  • Their policies are complex to understand.

Is Eyemyeye Legit?

To know its legitimacy, we need to check out all aspects of this website, from the good point to the worst point, then only we can conclude.

  • Domain age: This website domain age is new (15th April 2021), created seven months ago, and has a short life expectancy domain.
  • Trust Score: Trust score of this website is very poor. It only obtained 8 out of 100. 
  • Customer Reviews: No. reviews have been found.
  • Alex Ranking: 36.1k
  • Policies: Yes, present.
  • Owners Information: Present.
  • Contact Details: Yes, present.

Eyemyeye Reviews

Although we have not found any single review about this website by any customers, no popular review organization has not posted a review about the Eyemyeye Ecommerce website. We did not find any payment option on this website, and they also offer cash-on-delivery services to their customers. 

So, if you want to know how to save your money from fraud, click on the PayPal scam and read our article.

Final Verdict:

After knowing the factors, we have found that this ecommerce website might be a scam. According to our research about Eyemyeye Reviews, We found many drawbacks to this website. These drawbacks show a red flag to those buyers who want to buy eyewear from this website. The Trust score obtained by this website is very low, and buyers can look for other alternative websites to buy glasses.

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9 thoughts on “Eyemyeye Reviews {March 2022} Is It an Authentic Website?”

  1. I ordered a pair of sunglasses from eyemyeye which I never received. I was throughout in touch with them and they finally told me that they were unable to send me due to some technical issues. It was unfortunately a prepaid order. So I thought this whole website was a scam. But I got my money back. So it is not a scam but not a very good place to shop from. Myntra Amazon are much better

  2. I had ordered prescription glasses for reading purpose only after my catrract surgery about one and a half month only., with antiglare coating. One of the glass suddenly became yellow and I can’t use the same. I was using spects since about 40 years. It has never happened before.
    They have refused to rectify the same and blamed me for rough usage. Be careful, about after sale service. They are no good.

  3. I have ordered an item and same was supposed to be delivered on 16 dec 21. However the item was never delivered and payment was done in advance. Website is not able to resolve issue. It’s a humble request not to buy any item from website. It having a very poor response and customer support. 0 % trustworthy

    • Hello Gulneet, thanks for the valuable update and suggestion. It will be helpful to other buyers and save their money. We feel sad, you have not received the order. Did you try for a refund option? Please drop the update. Thanks. Take care.

  4. I ordered Oakley centerboard prescription eyeglasses worth 5500 and I received it in 3 days. It is a legitimate website. The service is good.


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