Exgui Reviews (Aug 2021) Is It A Legit Or Scam Site?

Exgui Reviews (Aug 2021) Is It A Legit Or Scam Site? >> With this review, now you can judge the authenticity of any such multi-product website and quickly determine whether you should trust it or not.

Are you an adventurer or just a regular person who loves to own a few cool gadgets? Exgui.com is the best website that provides all these items at an affordable price. Currently it registered in the United States, this multi-product online store offers various products to customers.

But before buying from this site, we advise our customers to read these in-depth Exgui Reviews. We analyze all the factors that show the trustability of this online store and whether you should shop from it or not.

Exgui.com in brief

This online store is a multi-product store that offers its customers many products categories in multiple departments. Some of their categories include Pet, tent, outdoor, pool, LED, electronics, car accessories.

All these departments include attractive products at a meagre price with the best offers. A few of their products are given below:

  • DOLPHIN Nautilus CC Robotic Pool
  • USB Rechargeable Work Light Portable LED
  • Dog Ramp, Pet Stairs, Pet Ramp
  • Portable Mini Projector with a Built-in Battery
  • The Wearable Reading Light

The product listing is tempting for any customer but Is Exgui Legit? Read this complete article, and you can easily find the answer. Internet is full of fraud sites that offer great deals but ultimately steal personal and banking credentials.

 Specifications of Exgui.com

  • Site link– https://www.exgui.com/
  • Site About – The “About Us” page describes the site as a Jewellery site.
  • Product Category – Pool, Home, Pet, Electronics, Camp, Car Accessories etc.
  • Email- service@exgui.com
  • Phone number– +86 18565484035
  • Company Address – Not Provided
  • Delivery charges– $6.98 for the United States and Other countries, Free shipping above $200 purchase.
  • Exgui Reviews – Not available
  • Delivery time– within 7-10 business days 
  • Return & Exchange policy – within 30 days 
  • Refund Time – Not provided
  • Social media connections – Not available 
  • Payment method– PayPal

The Advantage of Buying from Exgui

  • Exgui offers multiple products in a single online store.
  • All the products are well categorized with detailed descriptions and Images.
  • The website uses HTTPS data transmission.
  • The site has a valid SSL certificate.
  • All the product has 30 days return policy
  • Product pricing is affordable.

Don’t ignore the cons in Exgui Reviews before placing your order. See below:

The Disadvantage of Buying from Exgui

  • None of the products has customer reviews.
  • No social links are available.
  • No company address is provided.
  • The refund policy is not provided correctly.
  • The payment method is only PayPal, Credit card, or Debit card payment not available.
  • There are no special offers when buying a large quantity product.
  • The owner details are not available
  • Physical address of company is also missing
  • The site domain is young, created on June 2021. 

Is Exgui Legit?

To find the answer, we must verify all the factors of this website, and then only we can decide whether it is a legit site to do online shopping or not. Scam sites are spreading all over the internet, and finding a genuine site is not an easy task. So, here is our finding regarding Exgui.com.

  • Website Domain Age: The site is registered on 22 June 2021. So, just two months old
  • Domain Expire Date: 22 June 2022
  • Social Media Links: The site has no social link.
  • Company Address: The company address is not provided.
  • Alexa Rank: No result found during verify Alexa score 
  • Customer Review: None of the products has any review

Exgui Reviews

After going through the website, it is clear that the site is not famous. Exgui has neither Alexa rank nor any social link. None of their products has any customer reviews. When we visit the “About Us” page, the description of the site is doubtful, they do not sell any kind of jewellery item, but the site is described as a selling jewellery site. The refund policy is also not well explained. These factors only indicate that the site is nothing but a big scam like many other fraud websites on the internet.

Are you trapped in a paypal scam? This link will help you. 

Final Verdict

As the site has no social links and no Exgui Reviews, it is clear that there is no way one should trust this 2-month-old site. It is unpopular, and all our findings indicate that, like many other fraud websites   on the internet, Exgui.com is nothing but a scam. 

For further information, let us know, and please share your feedback in the given comment box. How to protect yourself from a credit card scam?  

13 thoughts on “Exgui Reviews (Aug 2021) Is It A Legit Or Scam Site?”

  1. This exgui.com website exgui jewelry website is completely scam. Never buy anything from this website.
    I bought two dressers spending over $100 but they delivered 15 pcs of facial masks worth of $2.
    They delivered from USA address but they belong to China.
    When I asked for refund they didn’t agree to give it.
    They asked to ship the product in China.
    So please don’t trust this website at all.
    It’s like wasting money and time .
    I don’t know why PayPal still working with them
    . I didn’t get my refund at all and customer service number is Chinese phone number which I am unable to contact.

    • Hi Rachana, We appreciate your eye opening feedback. It is really sad to see that genuine buyers like you get scammed. But hopefully your feedback will an alarm for other buyers. So A Big Thank you and Take care.

  2. I ordered 10 dollar wagon and received pack of face masks. I am trying to get refund but nothing. How is paypal still working with them?? DO NOT TRUST!!! NOT LEGIT!!!!

  3. I Googled their address and it is a McDonald’s restaurant with a bar next to it . Before doing that however I ordered a product from them using PayPal but after 11 days nothing shipped even though they took my money the second day after ordering . I became suspicious and contacted PayPal opened a case and won with them refunding me totally .

  4. EXGUI.com is a REAL SCAM & PayPal should NOT be accepting payments through their options. It’s disgusting that PAYPAL is now confusing People thinking they are sending money to a loved one and it’sa stranger with no way to get your money back or find out who it is. DO NOT DOWNLOAD CONTACTS TO PAYPAL, they ADD SAME NAMES BUT NOT YOUR PEOPLE!😡

  5. Do not order from: exgui.com They will send you a couple face masks, so they can provide tracking and delivery information if you dispute that anything was delilvered


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