Executive Roof Services Reviews (July) Know The Lawsuit!

Executive Roof Services Reviews (July) Know The Lawsuit! >> To know more regarding the company and the Lawsuit, go through the details mentioned in the news below.

Are you aware of the news of the Executive Roof Services? Well, you can know regarding it through the content that is mentioned below.

Executive Roof Services Reviews shows that the couple that contacted the service providers have given very low reviews to the company.

The news is spreading in the United States, and the people are shocked to see the events that happened.

What is the news about? 

The news is regarding the couple of Washington who has given one-star reviews to the company. This was seen when the couple faced rude behavior from the receptionist of that company.

Along with this, the news reports show that the couple is being sued with $112000 for leaving shallow ratings on Google.

Executive Roof Services Reviews helps the users to know that the couple that is Autumn Knepper and Adam Marsh, both wrote negative reviews regarding the service providers.

This was done after the couple interacted with the receptionist on the phone calls. 

After this incident, the roofing company has accused them of defamation. The couple called at the office to discuss the company and how they can help repair the attic. 

They mentioned that the receptionist was very dismissive on the phone, and she did not provide them with any very rude information.

Important points regarding Executive Roof Services Reviews:

  • The couple was issued for giving low ratings to the roofing company.
  • Knepper and Marsh have mentioned in their online reviews that the receptionist was rude and that the ERS has did not provide services that they were requested to do.
  • The couple has also filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. And this was seen as harmful to the company.
  • The roofing company owner also contacted the couple to know about the reviews that they have provided and to take them down so that no further damage is done.
  • The couple also mentioned that they contacted the local police so that the company could not contact them again.

Views of people regarding Executive Roof Services Reviews:

We see that there are various reviews regarding the roofing service providers on the internet. Some are positive, and some are negative. They have mixed reviews.

But the couple, by giving them a one-star rating on the Google platform and giving bad reviews, has tried to harm the reputation of the company. Due to which they are now sued to pay a large amount.

The bottom line:

Thus, we see that the one-star rating that the couple provided left them sued. There are lawsuits for online reviews, and if someone tries to harm the company’s reputation, they have to face the aftermath. Thus, we would recommend the users not to disturb the company’s reputation and give genuine Executive Roof Services Reviews on the internet. Readers can get more details here on reviews of Executive Roof service 

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