Everywhere I Go Roblox ID {Aug} Songs Excites You-Read!

Everywhere I Go Roblox ID {Aug} Songs Excites You-Read! >> This article gives a detailed overview of a recent Soundtrack added to a gaming platform.

Are you aware of the latest songs added to the Roblox platform? Do you want the best gaming experience by listening to your favourite songs while playing? Then, we have got you covered! Today we will introduce you to the Everywhere I Go Roblox ID and provide you with all the details on adding this song to your gaming background.

Gamers from Canada and the United States have been the biggest fans of this song, so let’s find out how they explored it!

What is Roblox Song ID?

A Roblox Song ID, also known as a Roblox Music ID, is a wonderful creative feature available on Roblox’s online multinational gaming platform. With this feature, you can add any sound to the background of your game while playing. Song IDs like the Everywhere I Go Roblox ID are released consistently by the platform to keep its gamers engaged. With the help of these IDs, you can add a soundtrack, song, music, sound effects and narration to your game to help you grasp its mechanics better and enhance the quality of your play. 

What are the IDs for Everywhere I Go?

Below are all the IDs that you can use to add the song ‘Everywhere I Go’ to your Roblox games. There are two versions of the song which you can add to your gaming background which are:

  • By Hollywood Undead:
  • 5323885098
  • 5776212053
  • By Babyxsosa: 
  • 7156629013

How to add the Everywhere I Go Roblox ID Sound? 

Once you have copied the Song ID from above, follow these steps to add it to your game:

  • First, open your Roblox game, head to the view tab and click on Explorer and Properties sections.
  • Click the down arrow to open your workspace.
  • In the explorer workspace, hover over the option of “Insert Object”, do not click on it.
  • This step will open a new menu where you click on the “Sound” option.
  • In the Properties Workspace, find the “Soundid” option and paste the Everywhere I Go Roblox IDin the box.
  • Set the volume and loop options as per your preference.
  • Click on “Started GUI” in Explorer, then open the local script window, remove the default text and add “game.Workspace.Sound:Play()”
  • Close the Local Script Tab, go to the main window and test this new sound on your game!

The reaction of Players:

After the launch of this sound on 26th July 2021, it has received positive feedback from over 105 players. Players say that this is a catchy song with good beats to have fun while playing your game.


We’d recommend you use the Everywhere I Go Roblox ID given by us and follow the steps mentioned above to add this impressive soundtrack to your game. We’ll keep updating you on all the new features released on Roblox, but be aware that Not All Robux Generators are safe before you buy any paid feature on this platform.

Check out to find all the information about sound and music on Roblox. Let us know your views about this sound in the comments!

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