Everythingliquidation.com Reviews (August) Is Legit?

Everythingliquidation.com Reviews (August) Is Legit? >> Please read this write-up to gain knowledge about a portal supplying resalable goods and its genuineness.

Are you in search of a supplier of resaleable products? Are you opening up a new business and want reliable items to be transported to your doorstep? You have heard about a website called Everythingliquidation, but is it worth trying out? Please read this article to address all your queries.

In today’s composition, we have stated facts regarding Everythingliquidation.com Reviews, which will help business people from various nations, including the United States, judge its legality. 

What Is Everythingliquidation.com?

Everythingliquidation.com is an online portal that supplies boxes, stacks, and large quantities of premium quality items that popular vendors have sold out on account of liquidation. The items include clothing, jewelry, electronic goods, and other household objects. The website also invites customers who want to purchase mystery boxes for treasure hunts or their businesses. 


  • Website Type – A teleshopping portal that provides mystery boxes and pallets to open up new businesses and resell the items.  
  • Address of Website – https://everythingliquidation.com/
  • Contact Address – No physical address of the warehouses are mentioned, which is essential for addressing your doubt Is Everythingliquidation.com Legit.
  • Contact Number – No phone number is available on the portal. 
  • E-mail Id – support@everythingliquidation.com
  • Product Price – Mentioned in US Dollars.
  • Shipping Policy – Standard shipping takes 1-3 days from the order placement and is free on all orders anywhere in the United States.
  • Sort By Option – Not available.
  • Filtering Option – Not available.
  • Payment Options – Paypal and credit and debit cards of Visa and Mastercard
  • Social Media Linking – Connected to Facebook and Instagram.
  • Terms Of Use – Absent. 
  • Privacy and Payment Policies – Absent, which highly raises uncertainty regarding the Everythingliquidation.com Reviews.


Please find below the good aspects of indulging in this website.

  • The developers have described the mystery boxes explicitly.
  • The product images give the customers a clear idea of the category of items.
  • The prices of the resalable products seem reasonable.
  • The concerned team has handled the social media pages of this portal on Facebook and Instagram actively. 


Please read the disadvantages of ordering from this website, outnumbering the pros. 

  • No privacy or payment policies or terms and conditions are mentioned on the website, which reaffirms your opinions about Everythingliquidation.com Reviews.
  • There are pop-up messages on the bottom-right corner of the webpage showing the recent purchases by customers, which are too frequent and repetitive to trust.
  • The products under both categories of mystery boxes and pallets are fetching the same results.
  • The absence of a contact address and number adds to the distrust towards this website.
  • Various spam detecting tools on the Net have blocked this website. 
  • Most of the products are labeled to be out of stock. 
  • The “About Us” section does not have sufficient valid information. 

Is Everythingliquidation.com Legit?

Please go through the below facts to know more about the authenticity of this platform.

  • Portal Age – Just completed a year; it was created on 28 July 2020.
  • Portal Trust Score – 25%, which is classified as a “Bad Trust Score”.
  • Customer Reviews – We don’t find authentic reviews about the company on the internet. 
  • Social Media Connection – The portal is connected to Facebook and Instagram.
  • Broken Links – The link to Truckloads is non-functional. 
  • Absent Specifications –The Privacy and Payment Policies and Terms of Use are missing.
  • Owner Information – No contact details are mentioned on the portal. 
  • Contact address- Not Available. 

Following the above particulars, the website may be illicit. However, as the portal is comparatively new, we cannot declare its genuineness. 

Everythingliquidation.com Reviews

We could not find any reviews about this website on top reviewing sites like Amazon, Quora, or Reddit. Although the site was created a year ago, the absence of its reference on these portals indicates its unreliability. However, there are a few comments on their posts by Facebook users. Nonetheless, we recommend you not take the risk of attempting payments in these portals whose legality is a doubt. We also request you read How to Get a Refund on Paypal, If Scammed, in case of an unfortunate incident. 

The Final Verdict

We are unsure about the Everythingliquidation.com Reviews and would suggest you not indulge in it unless all scrutiny has been conducted from your end. It would be helpful for you to read Everything You Should Know About Credit Card Scam, for your safety while shopping online. Also, please go through the basics of liquidation to know how it works. 

Is the reviews informative? Please mention your views in the comment section. 

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