Etruesports .com: Check The Authenticity Of The Site

This article provides entire details about the online website, legitimacy and its specifications to know about Etruesports .com. Follow our blog to know more.

Are you a fan of esports games? Do you want to learn about all the latest updates and new games released by esports? If yes, then you have visited the right article to get the details you have been searching for. This web portal has gained enormous popularity among the people in Canada and the United States.

Today’s article will detail about Etruesports .com and its specifications. Read the article below.

What is

This is an online content publishing website. This is the ultimate website for the esports fans where one can find all the information about esports games. This website features latest updates about the esports games for all the fans. This is actually a blogsite which publishes every information starting from esports to various entertainment news. eTrueSports covers all the information whether its any latest updates about something or any esports gaming news. Their goal lies in providing the readers all the content that they have been searching for which may not be available in any other place. At the same time, fans can also visit Etruesports los App to learn about the gaming news. The various news that can be found in their website includes International sports, esports and gaming, tech and entertainment. One can find and learn about all their desired news by visiting this website. However, it is essential to learn about the legitimacy of the website. 

Specifications of

  • The webpage URL
  • The webpage beginning– The webpage was introduced on 30/05/2007.
  • The expiration of website– The website will lapse on 29/05/2024.
  • Account of Email–
  • The location of companyThere are no information about the address of the company as per Gaming News Etruesports.
  • Social media account– There are no social media accounts logos present in their website.
  • The name of developer- No details about the name of the website developer are mentioned on its website. 

Is a legit web portal?

Before focusing on any content present in their website, it is essential for all the readers to learn about the authenticity of the website. The given below points will allow to know about the web portal legitimacy: 

  • The starting date of the webpage: The webpage was introduced on 30/05/2007 as per Etruesports .com.
  • The number to contact: No details about the contact number of the webpage are available.
  • Email Id:
  • Trust Rating: The web portal Trust rating is bad, only 1%.   
  • Email address legitimacy: The website has mentioned a legit email address.
  • Rate of copied content: The web portal has 87% content copied from other web page.   
  • The location of the website: There are no information about the address of the company. 
  • Social Platform account: There are no social media accounts logos present in their website.
  • Global Alexa ranking: The global Alexa rank of the website is #6510,488.

Merits of Etruesports .com:

  • It has mentioned the email address of the website.

Demerits of

  • It has not mentioned the address of the website.
  • It did not mention the name of the web designer.
  • It is not available on social platforms. Reviews:

There are no reviews about the website on its webpage. The Alexa rank of the website is #6,510,488. There are no reviews on social platforms and online platforms. Click here to learn about PayPal scams,

Summing Up:

The website does not have much experience in online platforms as per Etruesports .com. It also has poor trust score, and no reviews are available anywhere. Therefore, it does not seem like fully legit site. Click here to learn about PCredit card scams,

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