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This article describes a digital art collection of non-fungible tokens created by fans to commemorate their favorite YouTube celebrity. Read on Etika NFT.

Have you heard about the release of non-fungible tokens to commemorate a popular YouTuber and the controversies the token creators faced on major social media platforms? If not, read this article to understand the social debates happening with the token release.

Fans and followers of the celebrity YouTuber from the United States are highly disappointed by the decision made by the token creators. Fans have expressed their outrage at the official social media handles of the token developers. Learn more about Etika NFT.

About Desmond Daniel Amofah (Etika)

Desmond Daniel Amofah, famously known as Etika, was an American YouTuber, model, rapper, and online streamer who got popularity for his reaction videos associated with Super Smash Bros. He started his YouTube journey in 2006 by creating an account, “TR1Iceman”.

Etika had a celebrity status with a huge follower base until everything fell apart from October 2018. First, his official social media accounts and YouTube channels got removed for posting videos that violated social media policies. Then, after the account deletion, he had a series of breakdowns leading to his suicide.

Etika NFT

  • Etika art collections in NFTs were released on the Rarible NFT marketplace. This NFT collection has no official association with Etika. 
  • The creators named the collection EtikaPunks and announced the release of the NFT collections through their Twitter account.
  • The collection consists of four digital arts with Etika’s face.
  • The facial image on the NFT arts is the same with different backgrounds and accessories.
  • One NFT art had the sun in the background while the other had a bridge as a background.
  • The art that portraits Etika with a banana in his hand received massive criticism. 

Fans Response

  • Etika NFT mostly received negative feedback on social media.
  • Most of the Etika fans are annoyed by the release of the NFT collections.
  • Fans and followers are using words like “disgraceful,” “disgusting,” and “gross” to express their disagreement with the release of the NFT collections.
  • Even celebrities like Hype Guy expressed their strong opinion against the release of the NFTs. He used his official Twitter account to reply to EtikaPunks.
  • TheNCSmaster tweeted to his fans and followers to report and block the Twitter account of EtikaPunks.

Etika Punks Marketplace

  • The NFTs are listed on the Rarible marketplace.
  • The contract address for Etika NFT is 0x31483dca8a8a8bfe0f688c7228aefd37a35ac452.
  • Out of four NFT arts, only three are for public sale.
  • The buyer needs to pay in WETH tokens to purchase the NFTs.
  • EtikaPunk 3 cost 1.3 WETH, while EtikaPunk 2 cost 0.01 WETH and EtikaPunk 1 cost 0.015 WETH.


As NFT has been a trending topic recently, people are trying to create art collections to gain popularity in the NFT marketplace. However, there are mixed opinions on the NFTs created on Etika on social media. To know more about the topic, please visit.

Have you read about Etika NFT? If so, let us know your opinion.

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