Eterneva Scam {Sep 2021} Get the Useful Information!

This article is to make you aware about Eterneva Scam of making money and to prevent you from such scams during your grievance period.

How would you feel if we said that you could keep your loved ones with you forever?  Are you thinking about how is it possible? An organization named Eterneva claims to help you rejoice with your loved ones by turning their ashes into a beautiful diamond. 

However, since the Eterneva Scam, many people have accused this organization of Scam. In this report, we have gone through the in-depth knowledge of Eterneva, widely spread around the United States, Australia, and Canada. Let us start with its background first!

About Eterneva as an organization

Eterneva is an organization that develop synthetic diamonds from the ashes of your deceased loved ones. Eterneva is based in Austin. Eterneva was launched in the year 2017. Garret Ozar is the co-founder. They were overwhelmed to announce the latest update in Shark Tank Season, raising $ 10 million in Series A funding in 2020. Eterneva Scam may become a stumbling block in the coming years. Yes, it is a great idea to always keep the person with great impression in your life near you.

Mark Cuban is a billionaire and a huge celebrity. He announced in the famous show named “Shark Tank” that he will be investing 6 lakh dollars for a 9% stake in Eterneva. The rise in Eterneva was only possible due to a magnificent investment by Mark Cuban. After such a massive decision by Mark Cuban, believing Eterneva asScam got complicated for the public. It was perceived indignity for Mark Cuban for his investment in such fraudulent. 

Eterneva Scam talk by Gemologist?

Grant Mobley is a famous gemologist. He raised a voice against the idea of developing diamonds from human ashes and firmly said that the Eterneva product is not legit. But, after considerable investment by a giant Mark Cuban, it raised a concern.

The investigation from another gemologist named Robert James says that it is not possible to pledge that any of the carbon is from your loved ones. In Robert James research, it was termed, and he noted that any of the cremation furnaces temperatures is 1600-degree Fahrenheit to 1800-degree Fahrenheit, whereas, in routine, carbon burns in 1405 degrees itself. So let’s elevate and understand the Eterneva Scam more for your reference.

Product and price range.

Eterneva provides diamonds from the ashes of a deceased human as well as pets. The diamond in Eterneva starts from $ 2999 and can go up to $ 10000. But, of course, it depends on the size of the Damon instructed by the consumer.

Final Verdict

Losing someone very near to us is unquestionably the most challenging time. Therefore, it is essential to learn and be aware of such scams. Additionally, you can report any scammers or any fraud in Federal Trade Commission . The reluctance about the Eterneva Scam is still suspicious and needs to be noted in the United States, Australia, and Canada

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